Fri, 26 Oct 18

Upper Assistance

As my left shoulder is making steady improvement, I'm shifting from a more conservative approach (for me) to pushing things a little bit to see how I respond.  Today was good overall and definitely better than last week.

1/2 Kneeling Single Arm Landmine Presses/Neutral Grip Pullups

15ea x 25/5xBW

6ea x 45/5xBW

8ea x 65/5xBW

8ea x 70/5xBW

8ea x 75/5xBW

I'm keeping the pullups very strict with a brief pause at top and bottom of each rep.

Blast Strap Rows/Blast Strap Y's/Thumbs Down Lateral Raises


Incline Reverse Crunches/Band ABC Hypers

3x{20xBW/10x doubled micro + 10btn}

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I really like the ABC hypers because it's a rotational core exercise with more of a low back focus instead of abs.  I like doing these with my hands behind head instead of my arms across my chest because I feel like it lets me focus on the rotational component more. When you can’t hold enough weight behind your head to make them difficult (or when it turns into a neck exercise instead of low back), adding band tension is the way to go.