I’m currently in meet prep for the RPS Lexen Spring Fling in Columbus, Ohio on May 9th, 2015. I will be competing in my first multi-ply meet, going bench only at 148 pounds.

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Tuesday I got back into some speed work for squats and deads and then some minor accessory work. I'm back to running a similar programming style that I did before leading into XPC Finals. I saw such tremendous progress in 6 weeks that I think I'm going to try to keep that style of training for as long as I can. It certainly isn't easy, but the dividends it paid worked out well for me. The great thing is some of my clients and Purdue Barbell lifters are seeing the same progress, so I've finally got some validation from others, not just myself.

I'm doing my best to keep my shoulder health in mind with this training cycle considering I will be a bench only lifter. I know the shirt is going to take it's toll on me before long, so I'm trying to be as preventative as possible by using specialty bars about anywhere I can. Today's training was pretty good, even though my last set of squats felt like cardio and had me breathing like I ran a mile. I quickly learned that I'm out of shape (which is to be expected after coming off a meet). This extra rep work should help me out, as well as the occasional walking I'm doing on nice days.


Warm Up
Reverse Hyper - 290 for 42 total reps

A1) SSB Speed Squats vs Chains
*First rep paused in hole*
65x5 - add 3 chains per side

B1) Speed Deadlifts vs Chains
135x5 - add 6 chains
250x8x1 - 4 conventional, 4 sumo

C1) Step Ups
3x12 per leg

D1) Reverse Hyper Leg Curls

E1) Lat Pulldowns
E2) Ab Wheel