Thurs, 25 Oct 18

Speed Lower

Banded Deficit Axle DL (1.5" deficit, short monster mini bands)

10x70 + bands




8x2x320 - Rest 45 sec

These were better on consistency of acceleration than last time, but still slower than I would have liked after I passed 210.  I am basing my numbers on percentages of my 1RM for this exercise, but since I haven't done deficit tugs in a while, I should probably be using lower percentages.  I chose not to work up again this week because I wasn't fast enough for my satisfaction and I also started to lose tension in my back on the last two sets due to fatigue.

Chain SS Yoke Bar Box Squats (3 sets of chains)

10x75 + chains



8x2x285 - Rest 30 sec

I added a 3rd set of chains based on my notes from last time and these felt much better in terms of not being too easy this week.  Again I opted not to work up since the low back fatigue from deads was still there and increased as I progressed on my sets of squats.  I had less technique breakdown here than I did with deads though.

DB RFE Split Squats/Blast Strap HS Curls/SS Yoke Bar Calf Raises

3x{10ea x 90/15xBW/20x315}

I stuck with just one DB for split squats again this week after not doing them last week, but I need to increase the intensity somehow for next week.  Blast strap hammy curls and calves still smoked me.

I REALLY wanted to call it a day and skip my last tri-set of accessory work today.  I had lost all motivation and was feeling beat to hell and actually walked over to start cleaning up when I told myself that quitting with 4-5 minutes of work left was completely ludicrous. Everything was already set up, all I had to do was start and I knew I would finish, I wasn't hurt, and I didn't have any time constraints.  I made the right decision and finished up what I had planned for today and I am damn glad I did.  There are plenty of times when you or I legitimately have to cut training short so there is NO reason for that B.S. when you are just feeling tired or lazy.  If you don't have a damn good reason to make changes to your programming or what you know you should be doing (if you're one of those moustache twirling villains who flies by the seat of his or her pantaloons) then DON'T!  Seriously, we can all do another 5 minutes of work anytime anywhere.