Sat, 2 Nov 19

Block 3, Week 7, Day 4 - Events

I rarely deload events except before a high level competition, so today I did some lighter OH work and medley work that was very taxing cardiovascularly and then worked up to a pretty heavy single on farmer's deadlift.

Log C&J (clean each rep)

complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 175

7(?)x200 - Not sure how many cause I lost count trying to breathe.

8x200 - I timed this set for 60 seconds and got in a 9th clean before time ran out and took video so I didn't have to keep track of my reps.  8 reps is pretty much the most I'm good for on clean and press for reps in a minute.  I kept the weight light here to focus on technique, or maybe to figure out things I was messing up.  Regardless, this felt productive.

Farmer's/Backward Drag Medley




80'x260/80'xprowler+235 - Video, this made me hear colors

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Farmer's Deadlift  



1x370 - Video, As you can see by the fact that the implements slid forward when I started my pull, I setup out of position for this last set, which made it feel pretty awful.  I'd like to work back up to a 400 lb farmer's walk, but I gotta pick it up first.

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Side note: the EliteFTS 9mm knee sleeves are amazing.  I've been using them for a week now and I do not have to constantly pull them up like I do with pretty much any other sleeve I've ever used.  The only thing left to test out is longevity, but until proven otherwise, these will be my new go to for knee sleeves for 99.9% of my training.  I literally have zero complaints about them so far.


12x80'xprowler+90 - Done in 10 minutes and change