Troy VTX Vinyl Kettlebells

Unlock Your Potential with Vibrant Vinyl Kettlebells - Boost Strength, Agility, and Balance! The Tyoy vinyl kettlebells offer a dynamic total body workout experience. Embrace the power of colorful fitness tools today!


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Benefits of Kettlebell Training 


Training with kettlebells offers a unique combination of benefits that can enhance your fitness routine significantly:


Full-Body Conditioning: Kettlebell exercises engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, offering a comprehensive workout that improves overall strength, balance, and agility. This holistic approach to fitness ensures that no muscle group is left behind, making your workout more efficient and effective.

Enhanced Core Stability and Balance: The design of kettlebells and the dynamic movements involved in their exercises require constant engagement of the core muscles. This strengthens the abdominal and back muscles and improves balance and stability, which are crucial for both athletic performance and daily activities.

Increased Cardiovascular Fitness: Kettlebell workouts are often high-intensity and involve a lot of movement, which can significantly boost your heart rate. This makes kettlebell training an excellent option for improving cardiovascular health, increasing stamina, and burning calories, which can aid in weight loss and fat reduction.

Flexibility and Mobility Improvement: Unlike traditional weight training, kettlebell exercises often involve a more comprehensive range of motion, which can help in enhancing flexibility and mobility. The swinging, lifting, and stretching movements associated with kettlebell training can increase joint mobility and flexibility, reducing the risk of injury and improving overall physical performance.




Kettlebell training is a simple, excellent tool for metabolic conditioning, improving work capacity, getting lean, and strengthening joints, ligaments, and tendons. Kettlebells require a little patience and some practice to use efficiently and utilize movements that target every muscle group. You can use them for strength training, conditioning, metabolic work, and improving your overall general health and work capacity. Kettlebells are very versatile and portable tools. The first time you use them, you will understand how powerful they can be when added to your training regimen.
Ken Whetham - elitefts Alumni 

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Troy VTX Vinyl Kettlebells

VTX Kettlebells are considered one of the best values in the industry, bar none. With a larger, ergonomically rounded handle, it is perfectly suited for single or dual hand core body movements. A quality, baked enamel finish creates less friction when changing hand positions on transitional lifts. The “diamond” handle design securely attaches the handle to the body of the bell, making it structurally sound enough to withstand the most rigorous workouts. A 1-year warranty against breakage gives each user peace of mind. The vinyl coated bells are a welcome addition to any workout setting. Brilliant colors help to define and identify each size.


  • Available in the following weights (in pounds): 5, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25, and 30.
  • Comes in 7 vibrant colors
  • 1-year warranty

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