Tsunami Bar® S Hooks

Tsunami Bar® S Hooks

Double-duty instability!

  • Use only with Level 5, 3, and 1 Tsunami Bars®
  • Enhance stabilizer muscle conditioning by adding instability to the movement
  • Enables one person to safely load/unload a bar

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Tsunami Bar® S Hooks 

The Tsunami Bar® S Hooks, when added to a Tsunami Bar®, create another dimension to stabilization recruitment. Add an S Hook to each end of a Tsunami Bar® and then hang a kettlebell or weight plate if applicable from the S Hook. You will be amazed at the amount of stabilization recruitment required just to hold the bar steady much less execute a lift such as a bench press, military press, or squat.

The S Hook is also a very effective tool when used properly in a rehab setting to accelerate joint strengthening and stabilization.

For stabilizer muscle training, one S Hook is to be positioned on each end of the Tsunami Bar®. The hooks are designed to fit around the Tsunami Bar® surface outside of the wear pads (not on the Label surface area) and between two locking collars or if disc weights not used, between two locking collars. 

The hooks are not intended to be used when performing SPEED lifts (this can create TOO MUCH INSTABILITY).


  • Material: Solid steel round rod construction with clear coating
  • Length: 11in


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