UHMW Prowler® Skis



Prowler® skis for use on rubber flooring only.

Typically ships within 1-3 weeks.


UHMW Prowler® Skis

These specially made skis are composed of tough UHMW plastic. What this means is that they will glide on rubber flooring.

We weren't exactly sure if this would work or not, so we got a set and bolted them on to on of the Prowlers® in the Compound. Sure enough, it slid on our rubber floors -which have a raised diamond plate pattern on them- like a dream.

These fit the Prowler® 2 and Econo Prowler.

These skis are great for use indoors on rubber flooring. Do NOT attempt to use these skis on concrete, grass, or any other surface other than rubber flooring. They are not made for that.

Prowler® replacement ski's ONLY fit Prowlers purchased AFTER July 2009. If you purchased a Prowler® prior to this, these ski's will not fit.

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