VTX Functional Training Medicine Balls

Enhance your core strength across all movement ranges with the latest VTX functional training balls. Designed with durability, their robust, rubberized exteriors are enhanced for added thickness. They are perfect for vigorous bounces on solid floors or impactful throws against sturdy walls, or they can be used with our VTX rebounder/trainer (G-REB). The surface of each ball features a precise texture to ensure a firm, dependable grip during exercises. VTX Medicine Ball Rack (GMBR-6) provides an ideal storage solution for an organized training space.

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About VTX

VTX, versatile enough for home studios to health clubs, caters to athletes of all levels. As a growing name in the light commercial fitness sector, VTX offers products designed for light commercial use, maintaining the high quality associated with Troy Barbell. Whether it's for a home, apartment, or intense HIIT sessions, VTX meets the diverse needs of any fitness facility.

Why Medballs? 

Versatile Workout Integration: Medicine balls can be incorporated into various exercises, enhancing strength training and cardio workouts.

Full Body Engagement: Engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously, promoting coordination, balance, and overall body strength.

Improves Core Stability: Specifically targets the core muscles, improving posture, balance, and stability with dynamic movements.

Suitable for All Fitness Levels: Available in various weights, making them accessible for beginners and challenging enough for advanced athletes.

Enhances Athletic Performance: Helps develop explosive power, speed, and endurance, which are beneficial across various sports.

Compact and Portable: Easy to store and perfect for home gyms, outdoor workouts, or taking to the gym, offering flexibility in workout settings.

If you want to get in shape, you need balls! There are bouncy balls, soft balls, big balls, small balls, and balls that splat. The ones filled with sand are my go-to for most of my work. Balls that bounce have a place, but not for what I want to accomplish.
- Matt Ladewski, elitefts coach 

Medicine Ball Exercises to Improve GPP

Med Ball Carries While Sled Dragging
Carries while pulling a sled can hurt you. Try pairing them together after you are in good shape by pulling a sled and carries independently. Belt dragging will give you a forward lean, and having a heavy med ball at the abdomen level will produce more of a backward lean. Together, they put you somewhere in the middle, making it slightly different. I prefer to lighten the sled for this exercise and keep the distance in the 30- to 40-yard range. Take a wider-than-shoulder-width walking stance and pull with your heels. Keep the feet wide. And waddle like a pregnant lady. Keep the ball right at your belly button and keep on stepping. If you are feeling frisky, keep going for a ½ mile. Med Ball Carries While Sled Dragging is perfect for an off day after a lower-body workout.

Clint Darden Strongman Slam (Warm-up)
This will be very similar to a regular slam, with a slight change in its performance. You want to open everything up before the slam. I took the med ball behind the head, stood up tall before pulling it back over, and slammed it. The focus is more on standing tall and stretching than the slam itself. This is strictly for warming up. A few sets to get you moving is all you need.

Backward Throw Overhead
Here is another distance movement. Backward Throw Overheads can be done back and forth or over a longer distance if space allows. Be explosive and maximize your distance before jogging to the next position. It's similar to the basket toss for height, except now we are looking for a horizontal movement. This is also another simple movement that even young kids will enjoy. Give your young ones a ball, and they can do their work.

Chest Pass for Distance
This is a variation of the walk and toss. You want to sit down on each toss before getting up and chasing after the ball. If you are limited in space or can’t walk on a busy road, these present a slightly different challenge. Increase the difficulty by adding a weighted belt or weight vest.

For more med ball exercises, check out this article by Matt Ladewski - 11 Medicine Ball Exercises to Improve GPP

Available in: 6 different color schemes by size:

4lb-Green Diameter: 17.8cm
6lb-Yellow Diameter: 22.8cm
8lb-Red Diameter: 22.8cm
10lb-Orange   Diameter: 22.8cm
12lb-Purple Diameter: 22.8cm
15lb-Blue Diameter: 27.5cm

Build core body strength throughout the full range of motion with the new VTX Functional Training Balls. The rugged, rubberized shells are thicker, making them ideal for forcibly bouncing on a hard surface floor, throwing against a solid wall or against the VTX rebounder. Each ball has a finely textured surface for a sure, reliable grip while handling.

For more ideas on how to implement medicine balls into your workouts and programming, read:

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