You Ask... I Answer (eBook)

There is power in a question. Find your answer and power in Matt Ladewski's You Ask... I Answer.

Author: Matt Ladewski 
 54 pages



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You Ask... I Answer (eBook)

By Matt Ladewski

54 pages

You asked... I answered, putting an end to your programming, dynamic effort, and training programs.

Why a question and answer book?

I was asked why I would want to write a question and answer book. It is really a simple answer. Training itself is one continuous question. As we train and provide the right answers, we make progress. If our answers are wrong or incomplete, then progress is slowed or stopped. There is power in a question. Humbling yourself, asking a question, and being open will allow you to find the correct answer faster.

I have been training for 25 plus years and I am still asking many questions. Though we are all training to be better, we are all in different places in our journey. I wrote this as a way to talk with you, not at you. My answers and ideas are meant to empower you so you can find your own path. Some of you wanted to be told what to do and others were looking for ideas. These are your questions.



Section 1: The Big Three — Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift

  • Deficit Deadlifting
  • Bi-lateral Deficiencies When Squatting
  • Negatives for Strength Gains
  • Optimal Bench Grip Width
  • How to Add Pressing Volume When You Have Nagging Shoulders
  • Front Squats vs. Yoke Bar Squats
  • Bench Technique and Pec Tendon Inflammation
  • Tricep Work with Painful Elbows
  • Free Squatting for the Raw Conjugate Lifter
  • Geared Deadlift Training
  • The Dreaded Butt Wink
  • Low Back Training for the Deadlift
  • Pressing for the Long-Armed Lifter
  • Training Squats and Deadlifts Without a Belt
  • Using the Shoulder Saver vs. Pain from Close-Grip Benching
  • Training with a Slingshot
  • Faster Deadlifts

Section 2: Programming

  • Raw Lifters and Conjugate Training
  • Squat Numbers Compared to Deadlift Numbers
  • The Conjugate System vs. New Programs
  • Repeating Max Effort Exercises for Multiple Weeks
  • Taking Time Off From Training
  • Full Body Conjugate Template
  • The 14 Day Cycle for Better Recovery
  • Adjusting to an Odd Training Schedule
  • Conjugate Cycle: 3 Days a Week
  • 5/3/1 and Program Ownership
  • A Humbling Max Effort Exercise
  • Stagnant Lifts and Trying New Things

Section 3: Dynamic Effort Training

  • Replacing Dynamic Effort with Repetition Work
  • Using Special Exercise for Dynamic Effort Work
  • Dynamic Effort Work for Intermediate Lifters
  • Figuring Out the Correct Bar Weight and Band Tension
  • Flat loading, Sets, Reps, and the Dynamic Effort Plan
  • The Art and the Science of Dynamic Effort
  • Using the Right Percent for a Geared Lifter
  • Accommodating Resistance
  • Breathing
  • Setting up Bands for Appropriate Tension

Section 4: Recovery — Stress, Nutrition, and Injuries

  • Getting Strong After an Injury and Surgery
  • Stress and Training
  • Quad Work with a Knee Injury
  • Basic Training When Things Hurt
  • Big Eating on a Small Budget
  • Lifting with an Imbalance Due to Injury
  • Getting Back on the Wagon
  • Working Around an Injury
  • A Small Weight Cut

Section 5: General Training Questions

  • Sets and Reps for the Reverse Hyper
  • Getting Out of a Training Rut
  • Beginning Powerlifters and Potential
  • Training for the Long Limb Lifter
  • The Length of Training Sessions
  • What to Do on Meet Week
  • The Importance of Assistance Work
  • Stalled Progress and What to Do
  • Training and Encouragement with the Significant Other
  • What to Do with a 20-Pound Weight Vest
  • Pre-Fatigue While Waiting for the Squat Rack
  • Bare Bones Training
  • Pain When Doing Glute Ham Raises
  • Training Age and Results
  • Building to Your First Pull-Up
  • Hand Care
  • Adding in Judo with Training
  • Glossary

About The Author

Matt Ladewski has been involved in the sport of powerlifting for 17 years. As he continues to pursue bigger numbers of his own on the platform, his attention has recently shifted to coaching his many athletes, including a WPF and a AWPC champion. A columnist and the social media manager of elitefts, Matt shares his training knowledge and experience as he writes about both his own training and the coaching of his athletes. Matt's best competition lifts include an 835-pound squat, a 550-pound bench press, and a 800-pound deadlift.

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