3" Cable Grenade Ball - Two Pack

3” Cable Grenade Ball – Two Pack

A new grip + same-old exercises = newfound growth!

  • Strengthen your grip
  • Make training exciting again
  • 2 balls per order

Typically ships within 1 business day.

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3” Cable Grenade Ball – Two Pack 


The 3” Cable Grenade Ball – Two Pack attaches to a chain clip or cable. You will know right away this is one awesome training device. Why? Well let’s answer a question with a question: When do you wrap your hand around a ball and move weight? Likely never. Exactly. We’re so used to gripping barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, SSB handles, and Prowler™ handles we miss out on the pros of tweaking our hand form to grip a ball. Feel as those pinkies come into play. Feel as that thumb works like it never has. Imagine how this will transfer to the barbell and the like! 

The 3” Cable Grenade Ball – Two Pack is great for:

  • Pinch Holds
  • Chain Curls
  • Chain Reverse Curls
  • Chain Extensions
  • Chain Side Raises
  • Chain Flies
  • Cable Cross Overs
  • Cable Side Raises
  • Cable Front Raises
  • One Arm Pull Downs
  • Pull-ups
  • Plus, much more!

Take it from Amit Sapir, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder:

"The 3" Cable Grenade Ball is my new FAVORITE cable connector. Truly amazing pumps from using this. I let my wife and some of my clients try these and everyone has rave reviews. YOU HAVE TO TRY THESE! Funny how a little adjustment in your grip can make such a difference." 

Ball Specs 

  • Size: 3”
  • Color: Army green with white logo
  • Quantity: 2
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