elitefts™ 3" Cable Grenade Ball

One of the most versatile cable attachments for grip strength, muscle activation, and optimal training stimulus. Grab your workout by the balls!

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3" Cable Grenade Ball



Attach this to a chain clip or cable and you will know right away this is one awesome training device.

You have never worked your grip like this or lit up you arms and shoulders anywhere close to this.

This is great for...

  • Pinch Holds
  • Chain Curls
  • Chain Reverse Curls
  • Chain Extensions
  • Chain Side Raises
  • Chain Flies
  • Cable Cross Overs
  • Cable Side Raises
  • Cable Front Raises
  • One Arm Pull Downs Plus much more...


"The 3" Cable Grenade Ball is my new FAVORITE cable connector.. truly amazing pumps from using this. I let my wife and some of my clients try these and everyone has rave reviews. YOU HAVE TO TRY THESE! Funny how a little adjustment in your grip can make such a difference." - Amit Sapir IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Added Features:

Reduced to zero elbow pain with tricep extensions
Greater pec activation on flies
Take your chin ups and grip strength to a new level
Fit easy in your gym bag
Could make a hell-of-a key chain if you really wanted.


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