elitefts™ 3 Loop Tricep Strap

Introducing our revolutionary 3-Loop Tricep Strap, a game-changing accessory that enhances your arm workouts while providing versatility for targeting multiple muscle groups. Designed for exceptional support and functionality, this strap is the ultimate tool to level up!

Great For:

  • Pushdowns 
  • Standing Ab Pulldowns 
  • Face Pulls 
  • Rows 
  • Extensions 


elitefts™ 3 Loop Tricep Strap


Introducing our revolutionary 3-Loop Tricep Strap, the ultimate game-changer in strength and conditioning. This remarkable accessory is designed to enhance your arm workouts while providing unmatched versatility for targeting multiple muscle groups. 


When it comes to durability and functionality, our 3-Loop Tricep Strap stands in a league of its own. Constructed with premium-grade materials, this strap is built to withstand even the most intense workouts and heaviest weights, ensuring its longevity and reliability. Say goodbye to flimsy, low-quality equipment and embrace the power of our superior design.


What sets our 3-Loop Tricep Strap apart from the rest is it's ingenious three strategically placed loops. These loops unlock a world of possibilities for various exercises, allowing you to sculpt your triceps, engage your abs with targeted crunches, and perform pull-throughs like never before. The possibilities are endless, and the results speak for themselves.


Our strap's story goes back to 2013 when renowned fitness expert Dave Tate conceptualized this game-changing design. He aimed to create a product that would enable the fullest range of motion during Tricep Pushdowns. The short loops were specifically engineered to provide maximum stretch, while the long straps allow for the greatest contraction. It didn't take long for Dave to realize the additional benefits of this versatile strap. The short loops proved to be perfect for wrapping around, allowing you to lock your wrists under your chin for standing or kneeling abdominal training. Plus, the interior padding ensures unparalleled comfort during your workouts.


Dave's love for this accessory grew stronger over time, as he discovered its endless applications. The 3-Loop Tricep Strap quickly became Dave's go-to tool for all types of rows, extensions, face pulls, and countless other exercises. Now, you, too can tap into the potential of this tried-and-true favorite and unleash your full strength and muscle-building potential.


Whether you're a professional strength athlete or a dedicated fitness enthusiast, this accessory is your ticket to superior results. Step up your training game and discover the difference for yourself. Get your hands on our 3-Loop Tricep Strap today and unlock a new level of strength and muscle like never before!


The OG Strap From 2014 

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