elitefts™ Long Cable Strap

Have you ever tried to do standing cable extensions or JM presses but can't get the full range of motion because the straps stop on the back of your neck? How about pull-throughs? Even standing French presses are a pain!

Why not use a longer strap?

Yeah, that's what we thought until we went to find one.

So, we made it.


  • Standing Extensions 
  • Standing JM Presses 
  • Pull Throughs 
  • French Press 

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The Long Cable Strap 

The ultimate solution for your cable training needs - the Extended Range Cable Attachment! Say goodbye to a limited range of motion and hello to unrestricted exercises like standing cable extensions, JM presses, pull-throughs, and standing French presses. We understand the frustration of short straps hindering your workouts, so we've created a longer strap that caters to your needs. Please don't waste time searching for a solution; we've already made it for you. Upgrade your training experience with the Extended Range Cable Attachment today!


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