Sling Shot® Tricep Shake Strap

Made from durable 2” wide nylon webbing and 2" wide double-ply sling shot material the Shake Strap Tricep Extension is designed to attach to a cable machine via the D-ring at the top. The two strap handles measure 9” in length, and feature sewn-in thick foam padded handles. The overall length of the entire strap (when laid flat) is 21.5”.

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The patent pending design uses Sling Shot material that stretches, allowing a greater range of motion compared to the standard attachments. The stretch of the material creates a banded feeling creating a greater “pump” as you can get deeper in the movements for greater muscle contraction. Each attachment forces greater core and muscle stabilization. It allows for you to get more from less and you don’t need to use a ton of weight to get the most out of the movement and the attachment. The Tricep Extension Shake Strap is the perfect length for tricep movements and give you a nice break for your elbow joint.

Important: Nylon straps and Sling Shot Material can eventually wear over time and should be inspected before each and every use. Use with heavier weights will increase chance of wear.

  • 2” wide Nylon Webbing construction
  • 2" wide double-ply sling shot material segment
  • Total Length (when flat): 21.5”
  • Handle Length: 9”
  • D-ring for connection to a cable machine
  • Foam padded handles
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