AbMat 1/4 Rings

A quarter of the ring, a hundred percent of the functionality!

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AbMat 1/4 Rings are a unique pullup bar accessory that enable you to get the workout you want without a full gymnastic ring setup. Easily transform your pullup station into a low-profile gym ring system by hanging the webbing over the bar and slipping the 1/4 Rings through the loop to create a self-supporting and non-slip ring station. 

AbMat 1/4 Rings enable a free-flowing motion, allowing your hands to fluidly move from an externally rotated position to a neutral one, which is ideal for athletes with limited shoulder mobility who are struggling with high-rep pullups. 

Though small in size, the rings are strong enough to support any body weight, making them suitable for athletes of all body types. Their lightweight portability makes them easy to transport to the gym, to the park, and to take along when you’re traveling. AbMat 1/4 Rings are also perfect for athletes who want to do ring workouts at home but have low ceilings.

Made of textured polypropylene plastic, the rings are free from any engraving or embossing so there’s nothing to distract you from your workout or irritate your hands. The webbing is made of 5/8” AbMat branded nylon webbing. The rings are available in black or tan.


• 1.3” diameter
• Patent Pending
• Polypropylene plastic (weather-resistant)
• High tenacity polyester black webbing
• Black or tan in color
• Webbing - 5/8” AbMat branded nylon webbing
• Textured surface 
• Made in the U.S.A.

Inventor: AbMat Team

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