American Gridiron Attachment

We took the immensely popular American Gridiron Bar and cut the ends off. Row like you press!


Typically ships in 2-3 business days. AK, HI, and INT orders please call for a shipping quote.

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American Gridiron Attachment


All big pressers know that it's important to not just train the press itself.. but to train the reverse! What good is a strong press if you can't control the eccentric? 

That's why we took our popular American Gridiron Bar, known amongst athletes to both save their shoulders and wrists, and lopped off the ends - transforming it into a awesome cable attachment that will blow your back up.  Enjoy healthy wrists and comfortable rowing while taking your back development to a new level.. and subsequently your pressing as well. 

Features 4 different grip widths that can be used in a semi-pronated and semi-supinated wrist position. 

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