5thSet Evolutions (eBook)

"Sustainable and effective... the evolution of the 5thSet methodology has broken 1000s of PRs worldwide. Swede has absolutely taken this program to another level!" — Dave Tate, Founder and CEO of elitefts

Author: Swede Burns
Length: 133 pages

This eBook is intended to be an evolution to the original 5thSet eBook, and is therefore, not a standalone eBook. You will need the original 5thSet for Powerlifting — a bundle can purchased here. 


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5thSet Evolutions

by Swede Burns

133 pages

5thSet is a movement. It's a different way of training and a new perspective on progress - a shift in focus away from a meet prep cycle.. to a lifting career. 

From the original 5thSet for Powerlifting

"The program does work for everyone and it is logical, progressive, and scalable in a way that allows lifters of all experience levels to advance in the world of strength sports — but it goes further than short-term PRs. 

For everything in 5thSet for Powerlifting, there is a reason. Swede didn’t mix together various training concepts at random, simply compiling programs until he found the right one. 5thSet was developed out of necessity and polished through the willingness to question the correct place for intensity, volume, technique, and hypertrophy work in a training program. Your success with 5thSet doesn’t rely on constantly pushing intensity, or increasing volume every week, or doing hours of hypertrophy work in hopes that size will translate to strength. 5thSet uses all of these things together, with intentional purpose and programming."

5thSet is a "soup to nuts" methodology, including everything you need to know from the first time you set foot in a weight room, to the last attempt in a meet, and even beyond. It is, without a doubt, the most complete work of its kind.

5thSet Evolutions takes this to a whole new level. 

5thSet for Powerlifting laid the groundwork — making way for 1000s of PRs worldwide. 5thSet Evolutions expands on the methodology, provides new protocols, re-examines complex issues, and gives the reader more control and understanding of their own body and progress than they ever imagined. Swede draws on classic training literature and brings it to light in real application — clarifying and making content connect in ways that anyone at any level of training can understand. Simply reading this eBook will change the way you think about training, forever. 

Evolutions is not stand-alone (meaning you will still need the first book — found here), but includes all of the advancements and tweaks we have made in the last two years, experimenting with and learning from a monstrous sample size of lifters. There are new protocols (like those used in meet prep by JP Carroll, Greg Panora, Ellen Stein, Sin Leung, Jessica Belt, and countless other top-ten ranked powerlifters), a new MSM sequencing system, an extended peaking cycle option (and how to determine when that is appropriate), an injury prevention chapter, an extensive chapter on the psychological component of training and competition, weight class transitions, more detailed information about how and when to do raw and wrapped cycles for the wrapped squatter and a ton of new template variants. 

Table of Contents
  1. Three Methods 
  2. Introduction 
  3. The Most Sincere Form of Flattery 
  4. The Bell Curve 
  5. I'm Getting Weaker 
  6. The 5thSet MSM Sequence System 
  7. How to Use the MSM Sequence System 
  8. The New Protocols 
  9. The 75% 5thSet Protocol 
  10. The 75% Technique Protocol 
  11. 2nd Pressing Day — Choices 
  12. Peaking, Revisited
  13. The Extended Peaking Cycle 
  14. Selecting Attempts for the Meet 
  15. Geared Lifting: That Means Knee Wraps Now 
  16. Bracing 
  17. Risk Factors For Injury 
  18. Weight Class Transitions 
  19. Obstacles to Training and Competition 
  20. A Metabolic Stress Protocol
  21. The MSM Sequence System Templates 
  22. 7 Day Microcycle Templates 
  23. Bench Press Only Template

This eBook is intended to be an evolution to the original 5thSet eBook, and is therefore, not a standalone eBook. You will need the original 5thSet for Powerlifting — a bundle can purchased here. 
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