American Cambered Grip Bar

American Cambered Grip Bar

Train through the deepest sticking points!

  • Excellent for all types of pressing and rowing movements
  • Increase or decrease range of motion in the bench and row
  • Fits standard racks!
  • Four grip positions to rotate


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American Cambered Grip Bar 

The American Cambered Grip Bar stands the test of time—proving to be a potent mass builder for the upper body. Adding a few extra inches to the standard barbell range of motion, the American Cambered Grip Bar takes full advantage of a loaded stretch, allowing you to train through the deepest sticking points.

Bar Features

  • Four different grip positions make this bar super versatile for main and accessory work.
  • Used predominately for the bench and row. Gain two extra inches of movement that you couldn’t get with a standard barbell—creating a stronger contraction.
  • Flipping the bar over creates a 2” decrease in range of motion. This distance equates to press off a 1.5-board, yet with this setup, you don’t need a board or another person to handle the board.
  • Hammer target muscle groups with reduced or no pain. Semi-supinated or semi-pronated grips have shown to be easier on the joints and tendons of athletes. 

Bar Specs

  • Fits standard racks: Rackable space between 39.5” and 50.5”. Handles are spaced on center at 7.5”, 15”. 21.5”, and 28”.
  • Bar weight: 38 pounds
  • Use collars intended for specialty bars—spring collars will not work.
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