American Gridiron Bar

Turn your athletes into explosive pressing machines!


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American Gridiron Bar

Designed and built to optimize brutal pressing force while protecting and encouraging shoulder stability and health, the American Gridiron Bar is the EliteFTS answer to the ever popular football bar.

This bar is built like a tank, as with any of our other American Line bars.  Made to handle the use and abuse that comes with athletes, training facilities, and aggressive sports teams.

Featuring 4 grip options: all at biomechanically optimal angles help to protect joints while maximising pressing development, explosiveness, and power. 

The American Gridiron Bar is not only great for benching, but also rowing, overhead pressing, tricep extensions, and bicep curls. 

  • This bar weighs 40 lbs
  • Handle spacing is 7”, 14”, 21”, 28”
  • Fits standard racks - rackable space between 39.5" and 50.5" 
  • Sleeve length of 15 3/4"
  • Overall length: 81.5"

NOTE: Spring Collars do not fit or work with any specialty bar. We recommend any collar that screws down onto the bar such as some of the ones seen below. 

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