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elitefts1402 State Route 665London, Ohio 43140U.S.A. Phone: 740.845.0987Fax: 740.845.0498Toll Free: 888.854.8806Business Hours: M-F 9am-5pm (est)
Strong(her): Womens UGSS Documentary
Strong(her): Womens UGSS Documentary

The women of elitefts™ come together.

Professionally Rated
Meet Our Strength Equipment Specialists! Matt Goodwin Nate Harvey Chris Bartl elitefts Develops New “Professional Rated” Designation To Communicate Best-In-Class Equipment LONDON, Ohio, Sept 18, 2016—Today, elitefts announces its Professional Rated designation to better communicate to customers the comprehensive durability and performance criteria its power racks must meet. “Professional Grade is an industry-recognized methodology to […]

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