What is a UGSS? This is an acronym for Underground Strength Summit. This is where members of Team elitefts™ and like-minded guests gather at the S-4 Complex and do what they love most...squat, push, pull and smash PRs! This provides a chance for the best lifters in the world to bond as both team members and fellow iron warriors, exchange training and gear-use tips, and develop and strengthen the type of friendships that only happen among those pursuing common goals.

On September 14th, a special Women's UGSS was planned for the female team members to congregate,  affiliate, and possibly even emasculate...because I'm telling you these women are strong and able to train through levels of pain that most men find unbearable. The attendees included:

Molly Edwards
elitefts™ Sponsored Athlete
elite level lifter (165-pound class):
Squat — 505
Bench Press — 365
Deadlift — 475

Stephanie W. Toalston
elite level lifter (raw 123- and 132-pound class):
Squat — 195
Bench Press — 140
Deadlift — 319
Overall winner Ms. Natural Ohio bodybuilding champion

Traci Arnold-Tate
President elitefts™
elite powerlifter: 123-pound class (single-ply):
Squat — 365 pounds.
Bench — 245 pounds.
Deadlift — 335 pounds

Sheena Leedham
elitefts™ Content Coordinator
NPC Figure Competitor

Jennifer Petrosino
elitefts™ Sponsored Athlete
elite level lifter (raw 105-pound class):
Squat — 233
Bench Press — 115
Deadlift — 253

Jennica Kidd
NPC National Level Figure Athlete
Div. 1 Collegiate Athlete (women's soccer)

Hannah Johnson-Hill
elitefts™ Sponsored Athlete
elite level lifter (multi-ply 148-pound class):
Squat — 450
Bench Press — 325
Deadlift — 480

Julia Ladewski
elitefts™ sponsored athlete
elite powerlifter:

123-pound class        132-pound class
Squat — 413            Squat — 463
Bench — 275            Bench — 254
Deadlift — 385            Deadlift — 424

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