Carabiner 4 Pack

Carabiner 4 Pack

Pronounced as “Care-uh-beaner.” Now that’s out of the way, you need ‘em.

  • Connects chains to EZ Loaders
  • Attaches rope and strap to sleds and the Prowler®
  • Secures handles to cable
  • And more!

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Carabiner 4 Pack 

They may last forever but they seem to get lost more often than socks in the laundry. We suggest you pick up four, eight, twelve, or even sixteen of these. 

You know what they are. You use them to clip chains to EZ Loaders or to snap a harness to a Prowler®. If you ever use the lat pulldown or seated row machine, you need these to attach a new handle to the cable. Need to attach chains to a grenade? You need 'em. You go to your training partner, "Hey, toss me one of those..." and you make some kind of circular shape with your hand, and they know what you mean.

They are called carabiners.

The thing is, you can never have too many of them, they are durable as hell, and they are one of the most useful items in any gym... ESPECIALLY if you like to innovate and fine-tune your training with unique signature exercises of your own creation.

Carabiner Specs 

  • Dimensions: 2" W x 4" L
  • Material: Steel  
  • 1 package contains 4 carabiners
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