elitefts™ EZ Deadlift Loader Straps

EZ Deadlift Loader Straps

Adding chains to the deadlift bar made easy. 

  • Sold as a pair.
  • Strong polyester web strap.
  • Quick assembly.

Typically ships in 1 business day.

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EZ Deadlift Loader Straps

The EZ Deadlift Loader Straps make adding chains to your deadlift bar more efficient for better training sessions. Stop fumbling around with other products for your training and get the EZ Deadlift Loader Straps. 

Per your training needs, add carabiner to center of chain length. If you don’t have carabiners, pick these bad boys up. Lay EZ Deadlift Loader Strap over deadlift bar (either on bar or barbell ends — strongly depends on deadlift form and how many plates you have on each end) so that the steel rings are towards the ground. Whatever placement you choose, make sure your setup is consistent so you can better determine performance weekly. Attach chained carabiner to rings so chains are hanging from strap. Now you’re ready to deadlift with chains!

Strap Specs: 

  • Stainless steel rings for easy carabiner attachment
  • Polyester web strap
  • Abrasion and weather resistant
  • Color: Blue with yellow logo patch
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