VTX Training Rope

Elevate your workout with VTX Training Ropes - the ultimate tool for a high-intensity, full-body challenge. Crafted from fray-resistant polyethylene and equipped with durable rubber grips to prevent rope burn, these ropes are built to last. Choose your perfect fit from two thicknesses (1.5” & 2”) and lengths (40’ & 50’) to match your training needs. Incorporate VTX ropes into your routine for a dynamic, fun way to shred fat, boost endurance, and sculpt lean muscle. Get ready to unleash your potential!

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Rope Training Benefits 


Full-Body Workout: Rope training engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously, including arms, shoulders, chest, back, core, and legs. The dynamic movements required to manipulate the ropes ensure a comprehensive workout that improves muscle tone and strength throughout the body.

Cardiovascular Improvement: The intensity of battle rope exercises elevates your heart rate, providing a cardiovascular workout that can improve heart health and stamina. This high-intensity interval training (HIIT) approach helps burn many calories, making it an efficient way to enhance endurance and facilitate fat loss.

Enhanced Core Stability and Balance: The oscillatory and whipping motions used in rope training require a stable core to effectively execute the movements, leading to improved core strength and balance. This enhanced core stability is beneficial for athletic performance, daily activities, and overall physical health.

Low-Impact Option: Despite its high intensity, rope training is relatively low-impact compared to other forms of exercise, such as running or jumping. This makes it a suitable option for individuals looking to reduce the strain on their joints while still achieving a vigorous workout. It's particularly beneficial for those recovering from certain injuries or individuals seeking a high-intensity workout without the high impact.

Incorporating rope training into your fitness routine can yield these significant benefits, contributing to improved physical fitness, enhanced athletic performance, and better overall health.

VTX Vinyl Dumbbell


VTX Training Ropes provide an intense, full body workout. Each rope is constructed of fray resistant, polyethylene and sports durable rubber hand grips on each end to guard against rope burn.

There are 2 different thicknesses (1.5” & 2”)and lengths (40’ & 50’) to choose from. Utilize the VTX training rope in your workout regimen as a fun and innovative way to burn fat, develop endurance and build lean muscle.

1.5" thick = 40 feet long

2.0" thick = 50 feet long

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