My groups have been CRANKING it for a while.

Gains have been constantly been made. Fat is being lost, Strength is increasing regularly and everyone has been getting in better and better condition.

As I was riding my bike into work today, I felt we needed a break from the normal punishment and have a fun "pump it up" day. What better time to blast out the guns?

It was a chance to give all my fellas a chance to let their girlfriends/wives have something to hold onto while dancing tonight.

The ladies also enjoyed carrying around portable pillows just in case they need to bust out a nap sometime this afternoon.

Here's the routine:

5 sets of 20 reps of the following exercises:

  1. BB Curl
  2. Dips
  3. DB Curl
  4. DB Supine Tricep Extension
  5. Reverse Grip Curl
  6. C/S Tricep Kick Back
  7. Seated 1/2 down BB Curl
  8. Rope Cable Pushdown
  9. Concentration Curl
  10. Skull Crushers

That's it! Time to slather on the SPF and head to the beach!

Adios and Vios Con Dios!