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Harry was the strength and conditioning coach of the Arizona Sundogs as well as for many High School football and Youth Hockey programs. He has worked with hundreds of athletes in a multitude of sports over the course of the last 50 years. Harry is currently working at Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, California.

5.22.2024  Celebrate a Teammate 50 years w/ a Dumbass Session
5.22.2024 Celebrate a Teammate 50 years w/ a Dumbass Session
I like to make a big deal out of different mileposts. A 50-year birthday is one. To celebrate it, I thought doing 50 singles of Deadlift would be pretty cool for everyone to do. What could possibly be cooler? Doing the deadlifts with a double overhand grip on an axle bar. What could be even […]
5.2.2024   A fit body, and a calm mind.
5.2.2024 A fit body, and a calm mind.
They can not be bought, they must be earned. These two aspects of life are treasures from genuine efforts and choices we make along our journey. Today's Training: Cycle Stretch Blast Strap Row: 4x10 super set w/ Push-ups 4x10 4-way Neck: 1x10 Cable Fly: 4x15 Band Pull-a-part: 4x15 super set w/ Ab Wheel: 4x10 Dynamic […]
5.20.2024  Extra Pull-ups for Back Development
5.20.2024 Extra Pull-ups for Back Development
Over the past few weeks, I've been experimenting with various pull-up combinations. High reps at body weight. Higher reps with the pull-up being aided by a band. Even low reps with added weight. I've always loved the pull-up/chin-up because it's like the Upper Body Deadlift. You either do them, or you don't. There is no […]
5.18.2024  SSP  Simple Squat Program
5.18.2024 SSP Simple Squat Program
I felt like doing something different today. I wasn't in the mood for a max effort or dynamic effort squat. So reps it became. Keeping it as simple and basic as I could, Glutes and Hamstrings and Squat. That's it, Done!!! and boy let me tell you, they are COOKED! Today's Training: Cycle GHR: 10x12 […]
5.17.2024  When You Know You're Getting Old
5.17.2024 When You Know You're Getting Old
Old age begins when you look backward rather than forward. Today's Training: Cycle Warm-up: Pull-ups: Aided 8x65 super set with Dips: Aided 8x65 BB Curl: 3x10 Floor Skull Crusher: 3x12 DB Hammer Curl: 3x10 Cable Tricep Extension: 3x12 Bosu Sit-up: 100 Ab Wheel: 4x10 Cycle
5.16.2024  Expectations
5.16.2024 Expectations
"Expecting things to change without putting in the effort is like waiting for a ship at an airport" Today's Training: Cycle Blast Strap Row: 4x10 super set w/ Push-ups: 4x10 Medium Band Face Pull: 4x10 super set w/ BOSU Sit-ups: 4x25 C/S Rear Delt Raise: 4x10 super set w/ Ab Wheel Rollout: 4x10 OHP: 4x10 […]
5.15.2024  You Are Not Weak...
5.15.2024 You Are Not Weak...
When you think you’re weak, it's best to remember that you fought and won battles that others know nothing about nor even begun to engage. Get in the fight. You'll be a better person for doing so, and a lot stronger. Today's Training: Cycle Warm-up: Kettlebell Ladder 1-20 4-way Neck: 1x10 GHR: 5x12 Hex Bar […]
5.14.2023  Just the Training Today
5.14.2023 Just the Training Today
Today's Training: Cycle Warm-up: Big 5 Before leaving the gym super set 500 total pushups Floor Press: 6 rep. Work up to a PRE of 7. Then do three total work sets at that weight Incline Press: 4x15 Cable Incline Fly: 4x15 Dips: 6x10 "Lara" Abs: 4x12 Cycle
5.13.2024  Challenges and Obstacles
5.13.2024 Challenges and Obstacles
Life is full of challenges and obstacles that test our resilience, courage, and determination. Sometimes, we feel like giving up or losing hope in the face of adversity. But that is precisely when we must remind ourselves of our strength and potential. We need to cultivate an unbreakable character that can withstand difficulties and overcome […]
5.11.2024   Training Sessions With a Good Group Fixes EVERYTHING.
5.11.2024 Training Sessions With a Good Group Fixes EVERYTHING.
Yup, if you have anything, I mean everything that bothers you or anything going well, a good training session will fix it. The "crew" you surround yourself with also has something to do with it, but the session itself is the key. I woke up tired and cranky. The moment I got on my bike […]
5.10.2024  We Build TEAMS
5.10.2024 We Build TEAMS
The acronym for TEAM is "Together Everyone Achieves More". I firmly believe that and have worked quite hard in the development of "MY TEAM" or my community. Over the many years that I've been coaching, I felt that making a community was one of the most important things I could do for my people. (YES, […]
5.9.2024.  Far Better to be Strong
5.9.2024. Far Better to be Strong
"It is far better to be strong than good-looking and useless." ~ Lilith Saintcrow. Today's Training: Cycle Warm-up 4 "Lara" Abs: 4x12 Spider Walk: 5x3 Kettle Bell Lateral Raise: 4x15 use the swing and momentum Blast Strap Face Pull: 4x15 OHP: 3x30 Shrug: 4x10 BOSU Sit-up: 125 Cycle
5.8.2024  Soft People
5.8.2024 Soft People
Soft people ruin my day. I mean, REALLY...How can your day be so bad and it isn't even 0500? You're in a gym among good people. The music is set on the right playlist, and we are doing feaking DEADLIFTS. If you look for problems, you will find them! If you look for happiness, you […]
5.7.2024  Bringing the Thunder.
5.7.2024 Bringing the Thunder.
I have to break the groups of people that train with me into smaller sub-groups in order to move things along without bottlenecking or to accommodate different people's special needs. I do it mostly by height, and then by strength. Setting the rack for one height and then having to move J-hooks or spotting pins […]
5.6.2024  A True Champion...
5.6.2024 A True Champion...
When coming face to face with his darkest hour, a true champion will do whatever it takes to rise above. Today's Training: Cycle New Daily: Lat Pulldown: 5x10 C/S Row: 5x10 DB Row: 3x30 DB Hammer Curl w/ Fat Gripz: 5x10 EZ Curl Bar Preacher Curls w/Fat Gripz: 5x10 "Jackson" Abs: 4x10 Ab Wheel: 4x10 […]
5.4.2024. On Saturday We Squat
5.4.2024. On Saturday We Squat
I had a laugh when I watched this guy, (I don't know his name) do a social media gig where he is on a piece of equipment and does a rhyme of some sort..." On Friday we do arms, because if you want (has a name for a part of the male anatomy) to do […]
5.3.2024   1000 Rep Arm Routine and The Weekend.
5.3.2024 1000 Rep Arm Routine and The Weekend.
Don't let your weekend become your weak end. Stay disciplined and keep your goal in the front of your mind! Today's Training:Cycle BOSU Sit-up: 125 reps "Lara" Abs: 4x12 5x20 of the following:
5.2.2024  Live Life Like a Muscle Fiber
5.2.2024 Live Life Like a Muscle Fiber
We talking about living life the way we should early this morning. Some people come in at 4:30 AM half to fully asleep. Those were the good ones. Then some didn't make it in at all. Those that were there got an early dose of my bullshit. When I asked if it was too early, […]
5.1.2024   Anything Worth Doing...
5.1.2024 Anything Worth Doing...
Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards and pussies. Today's Training: Cycle KB Ladder Ab Wheel: 4x12 GHR: 5x12 Suspended Knees to Elbow: 4x12 Leg Curl: 5x12 45-degree Back Extension: 5x12 Dynamic Deadlift: One per minute until the speed slows down. We got to 30 minutes before the explosiveness left. Cycle
4.30.2024   You Have Choices
4.30.2024 You Have Choices
Every single thing you do is a matter of choice. You can approach your choice with trepidation or attack it with reckless abandon and feverish perversion. With every choice comes rewards or consequences. By not making a choice, you have made one. Every choice you make makes who you are. CHOOSE WISELY! Today's Training: Cycle […]
4.29.2024  Failure vs. Greatness
4.29.2024 Failure vs. Greatness
"A man is great not because he hasn't failed; a man is great because failure hasn't stopped him" ~ Confucius Today's Training: Cycle Kettlebell Ladder: 1-20 C/S Row: 4x12 Suspended Knees to Elbow: 4x12 Low Cable Row: 4x12 Oblique Side Flex: Use the45-degree back Extension 4x12 Lat Pulldown: 4x12 BOSU Situps: 100 Fat Gripz Hammer […]
4.27.2024  Work'n The Weakness
4.27.2024 Work'n The Weakness
Saturday probably should be renamed, "Squatted Today" since that's what we do early before doing anything else. Embracing "Work the Weakness", I focus on the group's need to brace harder and to open the hips more. To do this, and make it fun, I love adding "Windchime Squats" What are Windchime Squats? Well, we use […]
4.26.2024  Single Task
4.26.2024 Single Task
When I was in college, a hundred years ago, I went "downtown" one Saturday night to a place of libation and mockery. While there with my friends, I decided to give a new game a try. It was an arcade game in the corner of the bar that went by the name, "Defenders". Dropping quarters […]
4.25.2024  America is FAT!
4.25.2024 America is FAT!
I just got back from a vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. Now and again we all need a bit of downtime to replenish our "power packs", and this one came at a great moment for me. I don't know about everyone who reads my Coaching Log, and their motivation for doing what they do in a […]
Aloha MFers!  4.17.2024
Aloha MFers! 4.17.2024
I'm about to drop off the grid for a much-needed edge sharpening. The last time I went to my roots (Some place tropical or third world, hopefully, both) was pre-pandemic. It's not that I don't enjoy the boogers out of what I do, but even God took a rest on the 7th day. So I […]
4.16.2024.  Nothing Gets My Attention Like What's Right In Front of Me.
4.16.2024. Nothing Gets My Attention Like What's Right In Front of...
I am constantly being bombarded with questions, answers, wants, and desires. Often all at the same time from many sources. A lot of people seeing that are ultra-polite will excuse themselves and pull out of a conversation simply to allow another person to ask a question. This is where I will tell the story of […]
4.15.2024. Winners Embrace Hard Work
4.15.2024. Winners Embrace Hard Work
"Winners embrace hard work. They love the discipline of it, the trade-off they’re making to win. Losers, on the other hand, see it as punishment. And that’s the difference." – Lou Holtz Yeah, I was going to add more, but Coach Holtz said it all already. Today's Training: Cycle Warm-up #2 2x10 of the following: […]
4.13.2024  Some Sessions Are Better When You Leave Your Expectations At The Door.
4.13.2024 Some Sessions Are Better When You Leave Your Expectations At ...
This was a tough week. I had taken two days off from going to the gym with what I thought was a cold and then allergies kicked in with a spring that went from zero to 120 mph in a day. I then added my sprint running three times per week which proved to be […]
4.12.2024   Shoulder Smoke
4.12.2024 Shoulder Smoke
The key to this workout is to grab a LIGHT weight and once you begin, DON'T stop during the set. You certainly can rest between sets of 100, but those 100 reps are consecutive. Remember, if you have to go through hell, do it quickly! Today's Training: Cycle Warm-up: 2x10 of the following: DB Lateral […]
Increase Your VO2 Max by Doing a Kettlebell Swing Ladder
Increase Your VO2 Max by Doing a Kettlebell Swing Ladder
You can increase your VO2 max by doing a kettlebell swing ladder by picking a weight in which you can comfortably execute 20 reps. After one rep, put the weight on the ground and take a single breath through your nose. Then pick the weight back up, do two more reps, set it down again, […]
I Stay Away Not For My Well Being But For Yours 4.10.2024
I Stay Away Not For My Well Being But For Yours 4.10.2024
This is Day 2 and I haven't gone to work due to a "bug" that is going around and I have. Piggybacking off of yesterday's log, I don't get sick very often, and normally I can "gut" anything out. Feeling a bit under the weather will inspire me to get back to normal as soon […]
You Can't Out Train An Illness. 4.9.2024
You Can't Out Train An Illness. 4.9.2024
Rarely do I get sick suffer from a virus or die suddenly. Maybe it happens once a year if at all. Even during the pandemic, I suffered no issues. If and when I DO feel a bit under the weather, I use the 20-minute rule of Harry checking his gauges. I'll do 20 minutes of […]
4.8.2024.  Hustle For The Muscle
4.8.2024. Hustle For The Muscle
A year from now you'll be happy you had started today, although it's a slow process, quitting won't speed it up. Today's Training: Cycle C/S Row: 4 RM Cable Row: 4 RM Lat Pulldown: 4 RM Pull-up: 2x50 in four different hand positions using FATGRIPZ Cycle
My BFF, CJ Murphy, and His Badassery. 4.6.2024
My BFF, CJ Murphy, and His Badassery. 4.6.2024
C.J. Murphy ("Murph") and I have been friends for over a decade and change. There are a lot of blowhards in the fitness world and I will read or listen to most, but I subscribe to very few. Murph always includes me in his training logs and tomfoolery which is a source of much of […]
4.5.2024  Science vs. Intuition
4.5.2024 Science vs. Intuition
There is a lot of science today regarding every single movement that can be trained. There's a better way to squat, bench, deadlift, curl, sit up, run, and walk for goodness sake. Science has made bike riding more efficient and complicated to go along with that efficiency. Do your shoulder presses with your elbows forward […]
4.4.2024  Shoulder Rehab/Prehab
4.4.2024 Shoulder Rehab/Prehab
In two weeks, you'll feel it. In four weeks, you'll see it. In eight weeks, you'll hear it. Today's Training: Shoulder Saver: 4 positions; #1 Ball Wt. (Lightest); 50 reps in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions Banded Face Pull: 100 reps Micro Mini Banded External Rotations: 100 reps each shoulder "Lean Out" DB Lateral Raise: 3x15 […]
4.3.2024. Closer Than Yesterday...
4.3.2024. Closer Than Yesterday...
You may not be there yet, but you are closer than you were yesterday. You have got to keep pace! Quitting is never an option. Today's Training: Cycle 4-way Neck: 1x12 Kettlebell Ladder: 1-20 GHR: 5x12 Prone Leg Curl: 5x8x+10 lbs more than three weeks ago Reverse Hyper: Using a "Hip Circle": 5x10 with a […]
4.2.2024.  You Are The Greatest Project You’ll Ever Work On.
4.2.2024. You Are The Greatest Project You’ll Ever Work On.
Invest in your personal growth and development, recognizing that self-improvement is an ongoing journey. Don’t be afraid to start new whenever necessary, always striving to become the best version of yourself. Today's Training: Cycle: Bench: 4 RM from the spotting straps that give you a 1" clearance from your chest Selectorize Incline Chest Press: 2 […]
4/1/2024   There are seven days in the week
4/1/2024 There are seven days in the week
There are seven days in the week and someday isn’t one of them. Today's Training: Cycle 4 Way Neck: 1x12 2 sets of 4 reps done super slow super set with 2 sets of 40 reps at a quick "pumping" pace of the following: Cycle
3/6/2024. Squats and Chocolate Milk
3/6/2024. Squats and Chocolate Milk
I am a big fan of the Hawaiian islands. My destination of choice has been Maui until recent fires move me over to Kaui this year when I get a break to go. I digress... Upon my return to Lahina, I always get to see a couple of "street people" that I've befriended over the […]
3/29/2024  1000 rep Arm Day
3/29/2024 1000 rep Arm Day
It's that time of the month! One time every 30 days we set aside a day, usually a Friday to perform 1000 reps for the arms only. Today was that day! Today's Training: 5x20 of the following exercises: When you feel like dying, do 10 more. This will work if you work this.
These Rules Are Not Flexible, Nor Am I
These Rules Are Not Flexible, Nor Am I
I run a very tight program in my gym. I have a list of rules that I made up over the 55 years of experience that I have within the confines of "Athletic Preparation" most of which keep people from injuring themselves. If it can make you permanently disfigure or kill you, I've done it. […]
3/27/2024. Face Your Fears and Wipe Your Tears
3/27/2024. Face Your Fears and Wipe Your Tears
Every day be 5% stronger than yesterday. Today's Training on Minimal Sleep: Cycle KB Ladder:1-20 with a maximal breath rate of 10. From the 10 rep swing on up to the 20, take no more than 10 nose breaths. GHR: 5x12 Fat Bar Pin Pull vs. Mini Bands: 6 RM This was a lot of […]
3/26/2024  Seven Days...
3/26/2024 Seven Days...
Seven days without me makes one weak! See what I did there? I should make this a t-shirt... Today's Training: Cycle 2x10 of the following as a warm-up: Air Squat Blast Strap Row Split Squat Push-up Face Pulls Cat/Camel Fire Hydrants 300 reps in as many sets as necessary before leaving the gym. So I'd […]
3/25/2024   Never Quit!
3/25/2024 Never Quit!
You never let quitting enter your mind as it is a sickness, and it will weaken you. Today's Training: Cycle KB Ladder: 1-20 Mt. Dog Row:5x10 C/S Row: 5x10 Lat Pulldown: 5x10 Fat Grip Hammer Curl: 4x10;1x30 but heavy. Do them without stopping even as they become "partial" reps Reverse Grip Zig-Zag Bar Curl: 3x20x […]
3/23/2024  The Crippling  (What Fun!!!)
3/23/2024 The Crippling (What Fun!!!)
Today's Training: Kettle Bell Ladder Warm-up: Start with a 20 kg KB swing it one time and put it down. Take ONE nose breath. Then swing it two times. Put it down and take TWO nose breaths. Follow it up with three swings and three breaths, then four and four, 5x5, and progress it until […]
3/22/2024   NO!  You Don't Know...
3/22/2024 NO! You Don't Know...
When I'm in the middle of a good "chewing out" or giving someone some heated information and they answer me with, "I know, I know, Coach" to shut me up, I come back with "NO! You don't know. To know and not to do, is not to know. Because you didn't do it, you DON'T […]
And We're Back!  3/21/2024
And We're Back! 3/21/2024
Holy Buckets! I didn't realize how many people were reading my Coaching Log. After the site went down, many contacted me on my social media pages and I was quite surprised as to the number of people who were getting their training program AND buying into my warped sense of humor. I feel blessed! So […]
“If you’re capable of sending a legible text message between sets, you probably aren’t working hard enough.”
“If you’re capable of sending a legible text message between sets, you p...
– Dave Tate The only devices allowed in my gym are to answer your spouse or kid. Otherwise, I see if it is "Selkow tested tough" based on high impact. Today's Training: GHR: 5x12 Squat: 4 RM Low Box, SSB Yoke Bar Rep Squat: 5x15
1000 Rep Arm Day
1000 Rep Arm Day
Once a month we implement the 1000 rep arm routine that is listed below. It never fails to BLOW up the arms for that Friday "PUMP" We fellas think that the ladies will dig when they see it. Frankly, every woman that I have asked hasn't cared that much whether the guys' arms are jacked […]
Happy  vs Unhappy
Happy vs Unhappy
I am generally a fairly upbeat person. I enjoy other people's successes and find something good in every performance. Yes, I will judge and critique but only to help a person improve. I tend to smile more than I frown. Since I ride my bike to and fro from the gym as I commute daily, […]
Do not Merely Survive
Do not Merely Survive
"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with passion, compassion, humor, and style. ~Maya Angelou Today's Training: GHR: 5x12 super set with Single Straight Leg Med Ball Toe Touch: 5x5 on each leg. Make sure to reach out in front of your toes to the floor. […]
Die vs. Buried
Die vs. Buried
“Some people die at twenty-five and aren’t buried until they are seventy-five.”– Benjamin Franklin Today's Training: Mobility/Flexibility Incline Cable Fly: 5x12 Dynamic Bench w/ pause on the chest: 10x3 Max Rep Bench: 1xAMRAP Banded Pushdown (single arm) 5x25 Dips: 5x15
"Success Hugs You In Private"
"Success Hugs You In Private"
"Failure slaps you in public. When you fail, you will find everyone criticizing you. People who don’t know you will form opinions about you. The bad news about you spreads faster than the good news. Your success will also be cherished, but not as much as your failures. That’s life." Today's Training: Mobility and Flexibility […]
Stop Being So Soft
Stop Being So Soft
We all remember the Micheal Scott Nike ad where the athlete was rifling off every excuse under the sun to NOT be able to play at ANY level... "I ate too much for breakfast" "I'm too slow" "I'm too big" "It's raining outside" "I didn't sleep well" "I'm too tired" "My girl just left me" […]
Be Open Minded...BUT...
Be Open Minded...BUT...
If you’re too open-minded, your brains will fall out. Today: Gym Cleaned!!! Barbell Curl: 5x12 Dips: 5x15 Kettle Bell "Hammer" curl: 5x12 Kettle Bell Supine Tricep Extension: 5x15 Cable Curl: 5x12 Cable Tricep Extension: 5x15
Seven Days In The Week
Seven Days In The Week
There are seven days in the week and someday isn’t one of them. Today's Training: Cycle Mobility/Stretch Face Pulls: 5x20 "Lean Out" KB Lateral Raise: 5x15 Hold onto a kettlebell with one hand. On the other hand, grab a blast strap and lean your rigid body at a 45-degree angle away from the blast strap. […]
Find Out If You’re Old
Find Out If You’re Old
One way to find out if you’re old is to fall in front of a crowd. If they laugh at you, you’re still young. If they run to you concerned, you’re getting old. They laughed! (assholes) Today's Training: Cycle Mobility/Stretch GHR: 5x12 RDL: 5x10 GHR: (again) 5x12 Reverse Hyper: 5x12 "Lara" Abs: 4x10 Cycle
300 Reps To Create a Proper Movement Pattern...
300 Reps To Create a Proper Movement Pattern...
5000 reps to correct a faulty one. That is exactly what needed to be done today. Once we got to bench'n, I noticed a slew of "bad habits" that needed addressing. So we broke it down as if we were all neophytes. The RAW bench is not exactly a straight bar path. We have TWO […]

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