elitefts™ Black Nylon Dip Belt

For you over achievers, the EliteFTS Black Nylon Dip Belt allows you to push past your limits when it comes to an existing body-weight exercise. Dips, pull-ups, belt squats and what ever else you can invent, stack it on and get the looks you deserve!



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EliteFTS Black Nylon Dip Belt

Gym bag essentials, definitely the EliteFTS Black Nylon Dip Belt. This belt allows weight to be added on bodyweight movements, which is great news for all you over achievers!  Key benefits include increased strength, stability, and easy microloading.  The nylon design provides comfort so you are focusing on the movement and seeing the gains week to week.


  • One size fits most
  • Durable Nylon
  • Black
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