10/12- Speed Pulls and Squats w/videos and Scoliosis, 7 Weeks out from the APF Gulf Coast Winter Bash

I have been competitively powerlifting for over 20 years. Within that time I have competed raw, single ply and multi ply. I hold the highest all time total of 1930 at 148, the third highest total of 2045 at 165 and have broken over 35 world records, over 25 of which I still hold. Through the years in this sport I have learned a great deal from various training methods, met and formed long lasting friends, as well as learned the importance of balancing life, work, and training.

Elitefts accepted me as a team member over ten years ago and I am currently the longest standing still competing powerlifter on the site. I appreciate Dave Tate and Elitefts for giving me the opportunity to learn from and teach others through the Q&A and my training log.

In 2005 I opened Orlando Barbell – a 24 hour powerlifting friendly gym. As well as running Orlando Barbell I designed and sell the Home GHR and Doorway Home Gym, wrote the 12 Weeks to a Bigger Bench EBook, and produced the 12Weeks to a Bigger Bench DVD.

My latest contribution was writing the M2 Method EBook, designed to be the quintessential Raw Powerlifting training manual for beginners to advanced lifters looking to get stronger and prevent injury while incorporating the powerlifts.

I'm currently training to compete in the single ply division in the APF Gulf Coast Winter Bash on December 5th.

Standard warm up:

5 mins. Treadmill

PVC rolled on:
Lower back, shifted to right and left
Upper back, shifted to right and left scapula w/hips up

Speed Deadlifts-
w/single ply Metal King, straps down-
315+40 lbs of chains x2
315+80 lbs of chains x2
315+160 lbs of chains x2
315+200 lbs of chains x2
315+240 lbs of chains x2
315+280 lbs of chains x2
Here’s video of Stephen and my last set:

Raw Speed Squats using the OBB Power Handles onto a low box+Elitefts soft foam pad-

Close Grip Cable Rows-

Static Holds with the 45 lb Bumper Plates x20 secs x3
I couldn’t even hold onto these the last time I tried, so the grip work is definitely working.

Since I was recently in a car accident and have had some back and neck issues I had an X-Ray to see if there was any noticeable damage. The X-Rays showed that I have degenerative discs in my lumbar vertebrae (which is to be expected from years of heavy lifting), compressed cervical vertebrae (which is most likely from the accident), but the most noticeable issue that I saw as soon as he held the X-Ray up was obvious Scoliosis. I guess I’ve never had my back X-rayed before. Apparently Scoliosis doesn’t cause any limitations in strength.

I’m a mess, but I'm still getting stronger.

The M2 Method Ebook

The OBB Power Handles

The Affordable and Effective Floor Based Home GHR

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12 Weeks to a Bigger Bench EBook

12 Weeks to a Bigger Bench DVD


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