10/30- Single Ply Squats w/video, 5 Weeks out from the APF Gulf Coast Winter Bash

I have been competitively powerlifting for over 20 years. Within that time I have competed raw, single ply and multi ply. I hold the highest all time total of 1930 at 148, the third highest total of 2045 at 165 and have broken over 35 world records, over 25 of which I still hold. Through the years in this sport I have learned a great deal from various training methods, met and formed long lasting friends, as well as learned the importance of balancing life, work, and training.

Elitefts accepted me as a team member over ten years ago and I am currently the longest standing still competing powerlifter on the site. I appreciate Dave Tate and Elitefts for giving me the opportunity to learn from and teach others through the Q&A and my training log.

In 2005 I opened Orlando Barbell – a 24 hour powerlifting friendly gym. As well as running Orlando Barbell I designed and sell the Home GHR , the The OBB Power Handles and the Doorway Home Gym, wrote the 12 Weeks to a Bigger Bench EBook, and produced the 12Weeks to a Bigger Bench DVD.

My latest contribution was writing the M2 Method EBook, designed to be the quintessential Raw Powerlifting training manual for beginners to advanced lifters looking to get stronger and prevent injury while incorporating the powerlifts.

Standard warm up:

5 mins. Treadmill

PVC rolled on:
Lower back, shifted to right and left
Upper back, shifted to right and left scapula w/hips up

Squats w/Squat Bar-
This was my first time squatting with the straight bar in probably over a year. Actually that's not true, I've used the straight bar but only along with my OBB Power Handles. I almost forgot to include that shameless plug. Either way, my tight shoulders did not appreciate the straight bar very much, but we’re too close to the meet to keep using the Buffalo Bar or the handles. After some band traction and prehab movements I got to a point that was bearable.
w/single ply Metal M briefs-
w/single ply Metal M suit, straps down-
w/reverse mini bands and Metal all black knee wraps-
Straps up, planned opener-

Stephen had to work late at his shop tonight (C&H Motorsports), which I completely understand from running my own business that it needs to come first, Tyler Marino had a shoot to work on, and Greg has been out for a while so it was just Tyler Weaver and I. Although we’re getting close to the meet I thought we would have no choice but to deload. Thankfully a few guys came in who were more than willing to help so we were able to stick to the plan. Thanks again to Buddy Tolley, Caleb Ferguson, Jesse McGrath, and Mike for jumping in to help and to Tyler for being such a consistent training partner.  Camaraderie and the willingness to help like this is definitely something that you won’t find at many other gyms.

The M2 Method Raw Training Ebook

The OBB Power Handles

The Affordable and Effective Floor Based Home GHR

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12 Weeks to a Bigger Bench EBook

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