Feeling Good!

yesterdays workout

t3 raises (hold top 6 sec)5 sets 3 (getting stronger and low trap development coming up)

Dbell Floor Flys---15,12,10,8,6 (posted video above) people are giving me great feedback on these bad boys!  I really like them, feel safe and a beautiful pump finished off heavier this week  (all sets supersetwith heavy inverted fly 6 reps)

Band Standing Incline Flys (50,40,30,20) Superset with 5 heavy incline hammer curls

Overhead Rope Ext 8,8,8 (rest pause, 9,4,2 all out failure)

Lateral Raises 5 minute hypertrophy cluster 5 reps, rest 20 sec 5 minutes, same weight as 3 reps last time this one of the hardest shoulder movements I have ever done

Abs and neck throughout feeling Strong!



10 Minutes Occlusion Training

Bicep Dbell Curls--floor pause tri ext

Extra arm work is paying off per reduced fat and great area via DEXA scan!

Bike Sprints-----all out at highest level for 30 seconds rest 90 seconds, 6 sets very hard

Things are going great and big workout Friday!!