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Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: (Log number LXVI). “2016 ARNOLD PART I, AMATEUR STRONGMAN!!!!”

The purpose of this log is to show you footage from the AMATEUR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS OF STRONGMAN at the 2016 ARNOLD. Specifically, we are sharing footage from the number 5 Amateur Strongman in the world, Kristin Johnson of the MONSTER GARAGE GYM, as well as taking a look at the training program that got her there!!!!

2016 arnold 5123

Kristin Johnson is, in addition to now being the #5 Amateur Strongman in the world, was #2 in the women’s RAW bench list with a meet press of 275LBS at 181LBS RAW in 2014/15. Since that time she has pressed 305LBS RAW as well as 450LBS in a shirt at 181LBS. She has a string of impressive full powerlifting and strongman wins under her belt, but placing 5th in the world at this world competition at the ARNOLD is by far her biggest accomplishment in her strength career to date.

In this strongman competition footage you will see the following four events: ONE: Log Press, TWO: Frame Carry, THREE: Axle Deadlift 5” Deficit (for powerlifters, note that in Strongman you can hitch the weight, in fact, you can hitch the shiznit out of it during a competition), FOUR: Carry Medley.

The following is Kristin’s 2016 ARNOLD training cycle cut and pasted from her own training log and in her own words. As Kristin and I talked, post-ARNOLD, sharing training information is such a valuable thing for others in the sport. The bottom line is that you are not giving away and top-secret-secrets when you share training programs, because sharing the program and LIVING the program are mutually exclusive. One can read all about a great program, but unless you live that program and eat for the program, sleep for the program, hone your technique for the program, a program is just words on a page. With that said, and our mantra at EliteFTS of LIVE, LEARN and PASS ON, and with that said, here is Kristin’s Amateur World Strongman Championship training program constructed by Pro Strongman Mike Gill, in her own words:


“For the 2016 Arnold Strongman World Championships, I knew I needed the knowledge and experience of a coach, to prepare me for my first international competition. After National’s in October of 2015, I spoke with Pro Strongman Mike Gill about programming for The Arnold. Here’s a breakdown of the programming we used, to earn a spot on the top 5 strongest middleweights in the world. It should be noted that I was out of training for three weeks due to having pneumonia, which significantly shortened my training cycle.”

Weeks 1-3 –
Day 1: Squat 4x5x250 (everything felt heavy today, holy smokes! )
Push Press 4x5x150
Pendlay Rows 4x5x185
Shrugs 4x5x315
Day 2: DB Fly 5x10x50
Cable Fly 5x10x60
DB Flat Bench 5x10x70
Narrow Bench 5x10x135
Rope Pulldown 5x10x50
Day 3: Stiff Leg 4x5x225
Snatch 4x5x95 (I had never done these before, so I worked a lot on form)
Weighted Pull-ups 4x5x45lb plate
Incline Bench 4x5x160
Day 4: Military Press 5x15x110
Laterals 5x15x30
Bent Laterals 5x15x30
EZ-Curls 5x15x60
Hammers 5x15x30
Incline Curls 5x15x20
Day 5: Clean 4x5x155
Jerk 4x5x180
Front Squat 4x5x190
18” Deadlift 4x5x455
Log Clean and Press 3x5x150
Farmers 4x100ft with 150lb/hand
Stone Over Bar 3x5x175lb stone
6x50meter sprints
*each week I would increase the weight used by at least five pounds.
Week 4
Day 1: Squat 5,3,2,1,1 @315,335,345,350,355,355 (I’m getting stronger!!)
Push Jerk 3x3x190
Pull-ups 3x20
Day 2: Incline Bench 5,3,1,1,1 @ 185,190,195,195,195
DB Bench 5x5x85
DB Fly 3x15x50
Hammer Dips 3x15x180 (easier on shoulders)
Rope Pushdown 3x15x80
Day 3: Deadlift at contest weight 5x3x350
Stiff-leg 5x8x225
Box Jumps 3x10x36”
10 minute jog on treadmill
Day 5: Full-body pump for active recovery
3-5 sets/body part
15-20 reps – NO legs to failure!!!
Day 6: EVENT DAY!!!!! Pretend you’re there and kick ass!!
Log Clean and Press @ 165
Frame Carry @ 430
Deficit Deadlift on axle @ 350
Kegs and Stone runs
Annnnnnnd 10 minutes of tire flips – RIP!
Weeks 5-7
Day 1: Squat 5x5x315 (sleeves and oly shoes)
Push Press 5x5x165
Power Shrug 5x5x315
Bench (with Slingshot) 5x5x315
Day 2: Front Squat 5x3x255
Power Clean 5x3x165
Good Mornings 5x8x185
Negative Curls 5x5x80
Day 3: Squat 5x3x320
Z-Press 5x3x140
Oly. High Pull 5x3x135
DB Incline Press 5x5x70
Day 4: Speed Squat 5x5x315
Speed Push-press 5x3x135
Deadlift stop 5x3x315
Weighted pull-ups 5x5x50lbs
*increased weights by at least five pounds each week
Day 6: EVENTS!!!!
Week 8 – same as 5-7 but decreased sets from five to three, and increased weights by at least five pounds!
Week 9 – Arnold Week!! Yay!!
Monday: LIGHT squat and press ONLY!! Get that blood flowing!
LOG – 165LBS for reps in 60 seconds
Frame Carry – 430lbs for 60ft in 60 seconds
Axle Deadlift – 350lbs from 4” deficit
Carry Medley – 140lb keg for 60 feet, 160lb keg for 60 feet, 180lb sandbag for 60ft.

*As we close this out this EliteFTS/Maroscher Coaching Log a couple notes. First, next week’s Coaching Log will feature the footage of 2016’s Female Lifter Of The Year, Crystal Tate’s competition footage from the 2016 ARNOLD’s XPC Powerlifting Championships where she squatted 610LBS RAW re-breaking her own ALL TIME Squat Record for the RAW women’s 198LB division. Second, I want to say “Hi and great to meet you” to all the folks who stopped by to say hello to me at the ARNOLD, and had such wonderful things to say about the MONSTER GARAGE GYM, our coaching logs and articles. I would thank you all by name, but my name recall is horrid….I blame 25 years of nose tork for that….LOL. But in all seriousness, it was great meeting all of you and your words truly affirmed everything we do at the MONSTER GARAGE GYM and through EliteFTS to bring you the best information and content to help you with your training and strength development. Live, Learn and Pass On is not a slogan, it is the way we intrinsically operate, and I wanted to say thank you all for acknowledging that when we met. EVER ONWARD!!!!


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