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Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: (Log number LXVII). “2016 ARNOLD EXPO PART II!!!!”

The purpose of this log is to show you footage from the 2016 XPC Powerlifting Championships, specifically footage of the BIGGEST RAW FEMALE SQUAT of ALL TIME in the 198LB category...610LBS!!!!

Crystal Tate of the MONSTER GARAGE GYM back in November, set three ALL TIME RAW records in the Women’s 198LB division 573LB squat, 573LB deadlift and 1383LB total. So going into the ARNOLD’s the goal was a 1500LB RAW total at 198LBS. This was to be broken down to: 630LBS, 300LBS, 580LBS. Pretty reasonable numbers considering the training she had put in and the numbers she was putting up on a routine basis.


At the end of the day, the numbers were squat 610LBS, NEW ALL TIME RAW Record, bench 275LBS a meet p.r., 550LBS deadlift and a 1435LB total and NEW ALL TIME RAW Record total at 198LBS. So, although not the 1500LB total she was looking for, not a bad day of powerlifting setting two ALL TIME records.

I asked Shaun Kopplin, Crystal’s coach (Shaun is also from the Monster Garage Gym and as a member of the Maroscher Powerlifting Team. Currently Shaun is the MGG’s lightest 1000LB squatter with 1003LB squat at 242LBS) a few questions about the meet.


*Photo: MGG Owner: Eric Maroscher with Shaun Kopplin pre-squat.

Eric: In general broad strokes, what was the program like coming into this meet?
Shaun: We kept it pretty basic as we have the past 2 years. I cut down the volume on her main lifts of deads and squat and hammered out more accessory movements mainly the EliteFTS reverse hyper and glute ham raise for lots of reps. Changed her deadlift programming to pulling with chains consistently and on speed days against bands. Really focused on her bench and she got up to 315 pr in training. When focusing on bench I really got her overloading with boards each bench day then dropped it down to paused reps after for reps. Most people including her have issues with the pause and then pressing from the chest so we held the pause a bit longer as well. With the 20lb weight cut and being sick transitioning it to the platform didn't go as planned however still pulled out a 16lb pr.
Eric: What was the biggest thing you learned from this meet?
Shaun: Um what I learned most. Tough question. I think it may have been the weight cut. It was the biggest she's done so far, 20lbs. We put most of it back on about 14lbs up to the day of the meet which was close to what she was walking around at however you still lose leverages at some point. I’d like for her to stay 10lbs away for training so it's a small cut doesn't take much out of you eat and stay bit more healthy so we don't get sick, which we both got a week out.
Eric: Currently having all of the 198LB ALL TIME RAW records except for the bench, she is now the lightest woman to squat 600LBS and the only woman under 200LBS bdw to every go 600LBS RAW. What is next on the agenda?
Shaun: Next goal is 650, 315, 600, 1,550+RAW, first women to hit 1500 under 200lbs and first woman to deadlift 600 raw at the UPA WINGS OF STRENGTH all women's raw meet.


The accompanying video is footage of Crystal’s lifts from the 2016 XPC Powerlifting Championships at the ARNOLD. All of the training footage in this coaching log is filmed in HD.

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