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The air still sucks in NorCal.  I am attempting to find the fine line between leaving the doors closed and stifling the people with the heat that builds up v. stifling the people with the poor air quality that is caused by the areas wildfires.  Either way, it's stifling!

The limits that I push people is reduced and it becomes a workout that is subjective as to how tight people's chest feel, and I'm not talking about the "pump".

Right now, the best we can hope for is we are out of the gym by no later than 7:30 AM.

For the record...it is a major inconvenience for people that aren't use to getting up this early, but they still are doing it.  So I am impressed with them for their Discipline, and everyone knows my take on that...


You can be amp'd up every now and again, but that means you'll have days that you aren't too.

If you are Disciplined then it doesn't matter.  You get up and do it regardless of your feelings.


Today's Training:

AirDyne: 21 minutes

Dynamic Deadlift: 20 sets of 1 rep escalating the weight every FIVE sets.

Reverse Hypers: 4x10

Ab Wheel: 4x12

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