We have been experimenting with super slow training on Flex Friday aka Arm Day.  The feel is much deeper than the normal pump burn and it's just plain ole different which makes it fun.

If you try it, be warned that it takes a tremendous amount concentration and focus...which is also really cool.  (or at least I think it is)

The objective is to move the weight as slow as possible without it "jerking" along the path.

This week's goals were to pick a weight where temporary failure was reached somewhere between five and eight reps.  Remember, this is about increased time under that tension

If you get eight or more reps, in set number one, go up in weight

If you don't get five reps, Go Down in weight


Here's the exercise order:

Rope Tricep Push down

BB Curl

DB Supine Tricep Extension

DB Curl

C/S Tricep Kick Back

Concentration Curl


Again, no bike commute with the unbreathable air quality.  (this nonsense is getting old)

Plus the normal rehab/prehab:

AirDyne: 22 minutes

To be done DAILY!!!

2 sets of 15 reps followed by 1 more set of 10 of the following exercises *

Reverse Hyper


Back Extension

Side Flexion

Suspended Knees to Elbow

DB Lateral Raise

Push Ups

Cable Flys

* ONE set of Rear Delt Destroyers modified:


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