3 Common Mistakes When Wearing a Belt

Did you ever think about buying a car, and then notice that you start seeing that car everywhere, all the time? It's called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, or Frequency Illusion.

It was like all at once I started seeing issues with the way that lifters on IG, including my clients, were wearing their belts. It even came up in my training group randomly.

Either way here is a 5 minute rundown on the three mistakes I see with lifters wearing a belt in training. If you don't have 5 minutes, scroll below for the spark notes version.


1. Belt position

Often I see lifters wear the belt where it feels comfortable or most supportive. The reality of it is wearing it too low, on your hips, or too high, around your ribs isn't optimal. I recognize it may work for some lifters, but generally speaking you will get the most out of your belt by wearing it around the widest portion of your midsection.

2. Belt Tightness

Too tight and you can't brace properly. Too loose and you can't brace into it. You should be able to slip a finger into the belt when it's tight, and then you use your breathing/bracing to fill in that extra space.

3. Strength/Ability to Brace

You have to be strong enough to brace into the belt. If you're not, then the belt is a crutch and it will significantly hold you back from getting stronger in the long run.



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