Casey Williams

Casey Williams was exposed to some powerlifting in high school as an off-season for football, but it wasn’t until he finished his football career and degree at Bucknell University that he committed to the sport. Since then he hasn’t looked back. In 2012 at the IPA Nationals he broke the all-time world record drug tested raw squat and total in the 220s with a 700 squat and 1770 total. His best raw lifts to date are a 810 squat, 540 bench, and 738 deadlift with a 2088 total at 242 pounds with wraps.

  • Bench...is easy

    Battling ulcerative colitis, follow Casey's journey of gaining back his body weight and making lifestyle changes (diet, stress, medicinal) to resume his platform position for May’s US Open. For the sake of your relationship, watch Coupled in Strength, where he and Yessica Martinez share their relationship woes and wows to transform your atrophied love to swole love.

    Bench...is easy
  • Squats...suck

    I don't know if anyone realizes this besides me, but I like to use the above image when I bitch and moan...

  • Wednesday Pulls

    Beginning of some volumes on deals as well...F deficit pulls

    Wednesday Pulls
  • Monday bench

    Beginning of some raw bench volume before getting back in the shirt

    Monday bench
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