The #1 Thing to Add to Your Training In Going Back to the Gym

I'll just come right out with it...

The best thing you can do for your training right now - train with someone stronger than you.  

Gyms are starting to open up across the country and you're going to be shaking off the rust. Take this time to find someone stronger than you and train with them. If that means changing your training schedule or trying out a new gym, do it. No excuses.

The trend in powerlifting over the last decade or more has been a move away from training partners and training groups to individualized training.

Partly  because gear is dying off. But the other part of the equation is remote/online coaching. Lifters feel like they either a) need a coach or b) need a personalized program.

I have a sad statistic for you - you're not a special, delicate, or unique flower. If you consider yourself one in a million, then there are 7800 people on the planet just like you. Point being, you can follow a program that was written for someone else, or even a simple template, and still get stronger. The trick is in pushing yourself, and there is no better way to do that than putting yourself in a bigger pond, so to speak.

I'm an online coach, and I'll tell you that a good group of training partners, even just one training partner that is stronger than you,  is better than any program out there.


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