Quarantine Routine: 4 Things You Need to Do Every Day

What a time to be alive- a once in 100 year pandemic. It can be scary and overwhelming, fighting an enemy you can't see. But the reality of it is our grandparents were asked to storm a beach to their certain death. We're asked to stay home and watch Netflix.

Life for the foreseeable future will be uncomfortable. And the way our society interacts may change forever (speculative). But here's where we're at...

Stay at home. Go to the grocery store. Wash your hands. Don't touch your face.

Beyond that, here's what you need to be doing to maintain your sanity over the long haul...

1. Walk, everyday. 

Walk a mile. If that's cake for you walk a mile in under 15 minutes. If that's cake, 2 miles or more. Or hike if you're fortunate enough to have trails near you.

2. Train on a schedule.

Be it home gym, bodyweight training, or yoga (doyogawithme.com is a great resource). Now is the time to fix the shit you've been ignoring for months- tight hips, poor shoulder mobility, poor conditioning. Your only excuse at this point is you're too lazy or you don't love yourself enough to take care of it. 

Grab some bands from EliteFTS. Order a Kettlebell or battle ropes. Keep this simple, and train hard. 

3. Read or write, or both. 

I'm home alone. I haven't seen anyone in over a week. So it's easy for me to get in my own head about things. The best way to ground myself- read and write. Work on some parts of yourself that haven't seen the light of day for awhile. 

Even if you're home with family, it's probably a good exercise to process away from those that you have to spend most of the day with. 

4. Reach out.

We're all in the same boat. Especially if you're alone, call someone new every day. Check in with old friends. Check in with distant relatives. 

This applies to those of you with your families too. It's easy to insulate yourself and forget how much someone may need you (and how much you need them) in these uncertain times. 


*Last one, not that you need to do this everyday, but support your local gym and local businesses. If you are not getting paid during this time, then by all means make sure there is food on your table. If you are getting paid, buy a gift card or two (to the places that you want to make sure are open by the time this thing is over) and keep your gym membership (for the same reason). If you're paying $50 but can't afford it, call the owner and tell them what you can afford for the time being.


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