#59 - Dave Tate's Table Talk with Phil Matusz
#59 - Dave Tate's Table Talk with Phil Matusz
Athletes spend most of their time with strength coaches. Learn how Phil Matusz finesses his role as the head football strength coach for Boston College.
Weak Lockout? Try this.
Nic Bronkall is at it again with another quick guide for you to finally tackle that weak lockout. Check it out below. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Performance Coach & Therapist (@nic_bronkall)
Crazy Back Day with John Meadows and Ms. Fitness Olympia Missy Truscott!
If you are looking for a back workout that will get you that classic V-Taper look you are in luck. Today we are doing a crazy v taper back workout with Ifbb Pro Missy Truscott. Give this back workout a try and let us know how you liked it. Thanks for watching. Make sure you […]
2021 Worlds Strongest Man Events Sneak Preview
The Worlds Strongest Man 2021 contest will be held June 15-20th in beautiful Sacramento California. Strongman competitor and former American Log Press record holder Robert Oberst has launched a new Youtube video explaining what he knows about the events for the prelims and the finals. One thing is for certain, the new types of events […]
Julius Maddox Hurt?!
In his latest video, it looks like Julius Maddox suffered some sort of injury or tweak going for a 720 bench for a double. Check out the footage below and let us know how you think this will impacts the champs goal to break his own record in June!    
#58 - The Boys are Back with Jim Wendler, Matt Rhodes, Vincent Dizenzo, and Dave Tate
#58 - The Boys are Back with Jim Wendler, Matt Rhodes, Vincent Dizenzo, ...
On this episode of Dave Tate’s Table Talk, the boys are back in town!  Dave is joined by Jim Wendler, Matt Rhodes, & Vincent Dizenzo!
Brian Carroll's CBD is Live!
The day is finally here! Brian Carroll has finally launched is PRS CBD line!       Click here to order yours today!
Julius Maddox vs Daniel Zamani for the Biggest Bench in the World?
In Julius Maddox's recent youtube video, he goes into detail about the threat of Daniel "Tank" Zamani and his push to beat Maddox's bench record. What do you think?
#57 -  Jujimufu on Dave Tate's Table Talk
#57 - Jujimufu on Dave Tate's Table Talk
Get the inside scoop on the legendary Jujimufu that you won’t see anywhere else!
Dave and John Train NFL Players!
<hr>   I hope you enjoy this push workout! Even though it's NFL players doing it, it is still great for intermediates looking to build muscle and strength. I'm not gonna lie, it's so much fun to work with these animals, but it's also fun to hear how well you are enjoying the workouts we […]
World's Strongest Grandma?!
"Meet one of the world's toughest grandmas - an international powerlifting champ who says she looks and feels better than she did 30 years ago. Mary Duffy, 71, took up gym workouts at 59 in a bid to lose weight, and soon got hooked on lifting weights. Now she spends around 20 hours a week […]
RX'd Radio Episode 218: Regan Grimes
This week RX’D Radio welcomes professional bodybuilder Regan Grimes to the studio. Regan started his career in Bodybuilding at the age of 19, earning his pro-card at just 22 years old. Today he shares with us how he was able to build his full-time career in Bodybuilding at such a young age, and Shallow interviews […]
#56 - Dave Tate's Table Talk with IFBB Pro Missy Truscott
#56 - Dave Tate's Table Talk with IFBB Pro Missy Truscott
Get the inside scoop of how Ms. Olympia Missy Truscott preps, trains, eats, lives, and thinks her way to a high-level athletic hybrid.
Rowing with John Meadows and Missy Truscott
This was a favorite of ours back in the day. This seated prone bench is amazing for rows and all types of exercises. You will see we are using a cambered bar so we can get a little more ROM. But if you don't have a cambered bar you don't have to use one. Give […]
How Alwyn Cosgrove Implements Interval Training
When it comes to inverval training, there is a lot of information out there regarding how it is implemented, who is it implemented for, and what intensity/duration you should utilize. Alwyn Cosgrove does a great job simplifying the specific types he utilizes and how he implements them at Results Fitness.   Check out more from […]
147 Days Out and Missy Truscott Looks Amazing!
Ms. Fitness Olympia Missy Truscott is 147 days out from the next Olympia and she is looking unbelivable! Check out her latest post and a little update on her routine work!       View this post on Instagram A post shared by Missy T - IFBB Fitness Pro ❤️ (@ifbbmissytruscott)
RX'd Radio Ep 217: Muscle Bill and Jordan Shallow
Today we welcome back Muscle Bill to RX’D Radio to sit down with Killian Hamilton and Jordan Shallow. Former powerlifter and ongoing iron enthusiast, Muscle Bill has faced a very unique set of health challenges throughout his life that have helped him to develop a unique perspective on the world around him. Bill uses these […]
Bench Racks, Sharks, and Miss Fitness Olympia?
What do all of these things have in common? They are all in the latest video from elitefts athlete and 2020 Ms. Fitness Olympia, Missy Truscott! Take a look at what it is like getting a surprise present from us!    
What Happens When Your Gym Burns Down?
Answer? You dust off your elitefts equipment and start a new one! Check out the footage of Xpress Fitness right here in London, Ohio literally pulling out elitefts equipment from a burnt down building, and realizing that with some new pads and some cleaning, it will all be as good as new!   View this […]
Ms. Fitness Olympia Missy Truscott Trains Legs With John Meadows at elit...
If you are looking for an epic leg workout this is the video for you. Today we are crushing legs with the one and only IFBB Pro Missy Truscott. This will be a hamstring focused leg workout but we do hit some glutes & quads as well. Give this leg workout a try and let […]
Dave Tate and John Meadows "The Unity" Powerbuilding Program.
John and Dave go into details of their new program, answer some of your questions, and give you the thought process and the future of this program in John's latest youtube video. Below is a list of substitutions you can make for this program if you do not have the necessary equipment necessary!     […]
Coaches Corner U Ep 12: Periodization with Tony Montgomery
In episode 12 we start our deep dive into Periodisation and all the science and concepts behind it. In part of this conversation we define periodization, the role stress plays, and a new model to think about. We hope you enjoy this new approach to the podcast and if you want to join us for […]
Strength Athlete Guide to Jumping.
Dynamic effort does not merely involve bars and bands.  Dynamic effort can also means sprints, jumps, and throws.  This is especially true if you are training an athletic population. What about utilizing jumping if you are a strength athlete? Is there any benefit? Check out this awesome content from elitefts columnist Nic Bronkall and see […]
Are Powerlifting Injuries Unavoidable?
Are Powerlifting Injuries Unavoidable?
Back at it with another Table Talk clip! Dave Tate and Brian Carroll talk about whether it's actually possible to sustain no injuries through a long career of powerlifting
How to get Pain Free as a Powerlifter
How to get Pain Free as a Powerlifter
The only way to get pain free and keep getting stronger? TAKE A BREAK. Dave Tate, Sam Brown, and Brian Carroll talk about the meathead mentality and how sometimes it can be your downfall!
Fix Your Squat Technique Fast
Fix Your Squat Technique Fast
Having trouble with butt wink? Well, here's the best way to fix it instantly! Sam is gonna Take us through his way to fix form fast on the squat, even if you don't have Squat wedges (you should though).
Training Load: Not Just Weight and Reps
Nic Bronkall coming through with another awesome post on how you can improve your programming and training.   Take a look and make sure you give Nic a follow! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Performance Coach & Therapist (@nic_bronkall)
Nest of Giants: Philadelphia Eagles and elitefts
The beginning of this week took Dave, John, and Nate down to NFL player and Superbowl champ, Lane Johnson's house to train with him and a few of his teammates and training partners.   This is just a taste of some of the awesome footage and video you will be seeing over the next few […]
Rx'd Radio Episode 216: Violence
Today we will sit with Dr. Jordan Shallow, Canadian Head Coach Killian Hamilton, and the behind-the-scenes tech guru Kyle Lundy. RX’D Radio Team Canada discusses what life was like for Shallow and Lundy growing up in Windsor, Ontario which leads into a conversation around violence and the role it has played in each of their […]
Join The Movement: Conjugate U
Nate Harvey, the creator of "ConjugateU" and elitefts coach, is opening up the opportunity to join the movement and get really, really strong.   Follow the link and join today!       View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nate Harvey (@nateharvey2450)
Nic Bronkall Talks Personal Responsibility
As always elitefts columnist Nic Bronkall has a great perspective on things and today is no different. Take a read and make sure you give him a follow.     View this post on Instagram A post shared by Performance Coach & Therapist (@nic_bronkall)
Ms. Fitness Olympia Missy Truscott Shows Off Her New Bench!
Ms. Fitness Olympia 2020 and elitefts athlete Missy Truscott rounded off her elitefts home gym with an AWESOME and TOTALLY CUSTOM bench rack. Check out the full post below to see her reaction! Thank you to Missy for being a true example of what elitefts stands for and we are looking forward to seeing you […]
Dynamic Effort Bench Day with Dave Tate and John Meadows
This is a dynamic push workout from our brand new power-building program. This is from week one. Make sure you only do what is in this workout and don't add any sets or reps. We have it done this way for a reason as you will see. Let us know how you like this type […]
Strongest 105KG Strongman Has Been Crowned
Over the weekend, on the beautiful beaches of Tybee Island in Georgia, the strongest 231-pound strongman battled it out in the Clash On the Coast Invitational. This event was put on by Anthony Fuhrman and the Strengthlete Collective. There were some heavy hitters and some even heavier events throughout the weekend.  Amazing feats of strength […]
Kroc's Gym Grand Opening!
KROC’S GYM GRAND OPENING - This Saturday, May 1st from 12-5pm. If you have wanted to come check out, train at, or sign up at KROC’S GYM, this Saturday is the time to do it. We will be hosting competitions throughout the day: - a bench competition - max reps at body weight (with $100 […]
Modified Arnold Classic and Arnold Strongman September 25th?
With the way the world has been over the last year and a half, it is not surprise that events such as the Arnold Classic are tiptoeing around making too many definitive plans.   That being said, the Arnold Classic and the Arnold Strongman events will be taking place on September 25th at a location […]
How to Pick the Right Deadlift Variation (RDL vs Stiff Leg)
How to Pick the Right Deadlift Variation (RDL vs Stiff Leg)
Sam Brown goes over the difference between the Romanian and Stiff-leg deadlift. When to use them, how to do them, and why you use them!
Respecting Women in the Sport of Powerlifting with Joey Smith
Respecting Women in the Sport of Powerlifting with Joey Smith
Today at elitefts, Joey Smith talks about his experience with his gym and the lack of respect of women he sees in powerlifting. Joey is passionate and adomant about how important women are in the sport and how is has seen how they have actually been more hardworking and easier to train in his experience.
What Leg Drive FEELS Like in the Bench Press (5 Quick Tips)
What Leg Drive FEELS Like in the Bench Press (5 Quick Tips)
People are always talking about leg drive, but how do you know if you're doing it right? Find out here along with 5 quick tips on how to improve your leg drive!
ME? RE? DE? Methods explained
Nic Bronkall has done us all a favor answering one of the most asked questions we get here at elitefts. What is Max effort, dynamic effort, and repetition effort? Take a look at this awesome post and make sure you bookmark it!   View this post on Instagram A post shared by Performance Coach & […]
Coaches Corner U Podcast Episode 10
In episode 10 of Coaches Corner University, Paul got the opportunity to sit down with Nick Haince (@nhaince) owner and head coach of Capital Strength Training Systems (@capital_strength_ts). They discuss how Nick transitioned from a personal trainer to strength coach to business owner, how he structured his business for resilience and how he has managed […]
Blake Lahew Totals 2006 lbs at 181 for an ALL TIME WORLD RECORD
Blake Lahew Totals 2006 lbs at 181 for an ALL TIME WORLD RECORD
More records fell at the Kern 2021 when Blake Lahew totalled a tremendous 2006.2 pounds at 181 pounds, with a 749.5 lb squat, a 474 lb bench and a 782.6 lb deadlift- a mind-blowing 11.08x bodyweight total. Check out the footage here: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Blake Lehew (@blake_75kg)
WATCH: Check Out J.M. Blakley's YouTube Channel!
WATCH: Check Out J.M. Blakley's YouTube Channel!
If you haven't heard- elitefts Columnist J.M. Blakely has a YouTube Channel! If you're a fan of J.M.'s articles or videos on our channel, you won't want to miss this. Here's a message from J.M. to all you "hardgainers" who "can't gain size":
RX Radio Ep.215
Today RX’D Radio welcomes returning guest and old friend, Jordan Moffitt. Jordan is the owner of Bacon and Barbells Co, an athletic apparel company that he founded as a creative outlet and way to support the Powerlifting community he loves.   Shallow, Killian and Moffitt chat roundtable-style today, starting with the founding of Bacon and […]
Live Podcast Announcement!
Tune in tomorrow (Wednesday, April 28th @5:45 pm Est) for a live recording of "Dave Tate's Table Talk Podcast". Dave and Sam sit down with world record powerlifter and Backfitpro Practitioner Brian Carroll as we talk about his training, his injury, and answering your questions in this live event!   Click the link below to […]
Train With Wendler: Press and Squat With Video
Squat and Press workout with Video (NSFWF) Squat - final set of 5/3/1 week was done at 495 for 6 reps Press- final set of 5/3/1 week was done at 150 for 10 reps Conditioning - 20 minutes after a workout But who cares about any of that stuff - let's watch the goddamn videos. […]
Small Town Gets Stronger Every Day With Family Owned Gym
Small Town Gets Stronger Every Day With Family Owned Gym
The Family and Community first mentality here at Plain City Barbell is amazing! Just a community of people looking to work together with no frills, move some weight and get stronger every day!
Joey Smith Benches 810 Lbs!
Huge weekend for Joey Smith of Nebo Barbell. Joey ended up benching a MASSIVE 810 pound PR and it could not have happened for a better coach and athlete. Joey came down to the compound to train with his crew a few weeks ago and we got to sit down with him to talk about […]
Massive Lifts and All Time World Records from Kern 2021
This past weekend, the Kern 2021 took place and viewers tuned into the live stream to catch some of the strongest people in the world put on an absolute show. Some of the highlights were truly mindblowing. Sara Schiff went on to complete a 632.7 deadlift to set a new world record! Hunter Henderson sets […]
I am Joey Smith
I am Joey Smith
Joey Smith, the Man who built Nebo Barbell takes us into his life and training philosophy. Watch as he goes through his highs and lows, where he gets inspiration and how he trains the lifters in his gym!
Fire Devastates Small Town Gym—How Xpress Fitness Rebuilds
Fire Devastates Small Town Gym—How Xpress Fitness Rebuilds
Donate here! Local gym "Xpress Fitness" experienced a tragic fire that devastated their main building. Here they tell their story of how they went from no gym, to fully running again in 2 weeks with the help of their community and elitefts.
Hatfield Squats With IFBB Pro Anne Sheehan
Anne Sheehan is a master at utilizing simple means to get extraordinary results.  Take note on her post about Hatfield Squats in which she controls the tempo to get the most out of the same movement.  Give her a follow because she is always showcasing ways that you can get jacked and strong from a […]
Strength History With JailHouseStrong
Josh Bryant is always of a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training and getting strong.  He also does an amazing job showcasing the history of strength training and the culture surrounding it.   View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jailhouse Strong (@jailhousestrong)
Train With Wendler: Splice, Scrabble and CG Bench
Bench Training and Bad Movie of the Week Never really know if my shoulder is going to kill me or not. Today it wasn't bad. CG Bench Press - worked up to 335x1 and multiple sets at 225. Kroc Rows - 100x10, 150x22 ------------------ Bad Movie of the Week - This week's pile of hot morning breath is Splice starring […]
Stop Thinking With Julia Anto
So often we find ourselves overanalyzing our lifts and thinking about every little thing we are doing.  There is a time and place for that in training but there is a time and a place to shut the brain off and just go. Julia Anto does a great job explaining how she has adopted this […]
Dan Green is a Deadlift Machine
760x4 848x4 914x1 Dan Green is on another level! Check out all the content from Dan Green here at elitefts! View this post on Instagram A post shared by BOSS DAN GREEN (@dangreenpowerlifter)
Train With Wendler 4/21/13
4/21/2013 10:30:24 AM - Training Training Monday Squat - 3x5, working to the top set of 10 reps Press - 3x5, hit last set for 10 reps. Very happy with the progress so far. Assistance work: Rows/Chins/Dips/Facepulls/RC work Thursday TBDL - 3x5, working set for the top set of 10 reps Bench Press - 3x5, set […]
RX Radio E214: The G.O.A.T
Dr Jordan Shallow and Killian Hamilton start off this episode of RX’D Radio by reliving some of their most interesting and awkward DM interactions. After some entertaining personal stories, the conversation turns to define “the best athlete of all time.” The team runs through the names of their most respected and favored athletes, breaking down […]
Coaches Corner Episode 9- Cheat Meals, Eating Disorders, Squat Stance, N...
In episode 9 of Coaches Corner we do a live Q&A and had some great questions and conversations. We cover a variety of topics dealing with nutrition from disorders to nutrient timing. Paul of course does a wardrobe change in the middle of the show and we talk about training with exercise selection and carryover […]

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