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On this episode of Dave Tate's Table Talk, the boys are back in town!  Dave is joined by Jim Wendler, Matt Rhodes, & Vincent Dizenzo!

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Todays Topics Include

0:00 Countdown

4:55 Podcast

5:00 Turtle

12:15 Fitcrunch

19:48 TPS Seminar - Boston - Murph

25:28 Tucson Tax Blues - Early Business Days

29:37 Is consistent enough?

35:00 Coaching Lifts - Seminars

40:46 Jim’s Jeans and Neck Work

42:00 How They Are Training Now

56:21 Training Young Athletes

1:01:33 True Love Of Training

1:06:41 Basic Warm Up

1:15:55 Monster Low Back Pumps

1:20:00 Cleans

1:29:40 Characters In The Gym

1:46:01 Training Large Groups

1:52:34 To Coach Strength You Must Train

2:00:51 Macros & Putting Weight Back On

2:17:40 In & Out Of Your Head

2:23:25 Lift Lighter & Get Stronger

2:27:46 Advice For Young Coaches

2:40:45 Programming & Coaching

2:47:22 Fat Powerlifter Stories

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