The Best Tricep Exercise Dave Tate Ever Showed Me

It was during a bodybuilding session with Dave at the S4 - I was bitching about my bench being stuck. Halfway through the session he looked at me and started laughing...

"I can't believe I didn't see it. Look at your shoulders and triceps."

Ok Dave I'm looking.

"They're massive."

Wow! Thanks Dave. Now I'm feeling pretty good about myself!!

"But the lower part of your tricep is non existent!"

Dagger. But he was spot on. He had me try an exercise that I had never heard of, and quite honestly if it hadn't come from him I may have blown it off - Walking 1/4 Dips.

I got through a set, maybe two, and was gassed. I could tell right away how week I was in this partial movement, despite being pretty damn strong with a full dip. I remember almost getting sets of 20 in with 100lbs strapped between my legs at the time.


Why do these?

They'll help your bench, I guarantee it.

How to do these?

There are a couple options:

Walking 1/4 dips with bodyweight. Keys are short steps with your hands, always being off center with them to make the lead hand/tricep work harder. And land on your heels - so you're not tempted to 'jump' or use your legs to help.

Loaded - strap a db between your legs and go heavy for sets of 8-12, again landing on your heel so you're not compensating with your legs. 

Both can typically be done safely to failure. 

When to do these?

Heavy once a week and light once a week. Cycle them out like any other tricep variation. I'll typically use them for 4-6 weeks in some capacity then swap them out. 



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