3 Differences between Powerlifting and Bodybuilding

Man, I'm cranking these out this month... must be all the energy I have from getting back to LIFTING HEAVY SH*&!

Three Differences in Strength & Physique Programming

    • Movement selection. Take John Meadows, for example — deadlifts never did much for his back, as he has a better structure for squatting. Since John is a damned smart guy, instead of spinning his wheels, he came up with a new movement that did make those lower lats thick: the Meadows Row.

Ben posing practice

  • Training volume and intensity. Check out my UYP course (linked in my author bio or in the YouTube video) for an in-depth explanation on how these variables relate to PL. In BB, they both need to stay pretty high — meaning that less systematically movements are often essential to making a BB program sustainable.
  • Other factors. These might include diet, cardio, mobility, and so on. Regardless, a good program accounts for factors outside of the gym.

Does all this mean that creating a successful powerbuilding program is impossible? HELL no! It just means you need to put a lot of thought and care into your planning — which should always be the case, right?


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