367 Unconfined

At this moment there are 367 unconfined wild fires across my area.  Thousands of acres are burning from the coast to the Sierras.  What does this have to do with training?  Simple, it's another challenge!

With the poor air quality, it is necessary to keep all the participants safe and healthy in spite of their desire to do "more" work.  I think I read that the unhealthy mark for air is 75 ppsomethingsoranother and we are sitting on 170 at the moment.  It's hard to breath, tightness is felt in the chest, headaches, and eye itch.

So I have limited the time exposed and kept the workouts a little less intense and have held practice earlier than most of my folks like.  (Too bad)

Anyway, we'll see what the weekend brings.  But...We will Prevail

Party on Wayne.  Party on Garth


Today's Training:

AirDyne: 21 minutes

Ab Wheel: 4x10

Suspended knees to elbows: 4x10

Tricep Rope Push down: 4x12

Single Arm Banded Triceps extension: 4x25

Incline DB Tricep  Extension: 4x12

Dips: 4x15

BB Curl: 4x8

Hammer Curl: 4x8 w/ fat gripz

Preacher Curl: 4x8

Reverse Grip Curl: 4x8

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