5 Awesome Reasons to Gain 60 Pounds

After my bodybuilding show at the end of August last year, I began working with Justin Harris to put on some serious size. In those four months, I’ve gained 60 pounds, and let me tell you… it’s been the greatest experience of my life. I strongly suggest you also attempt to add massive amounts of bodyweight in an overwhelmingly short period of time, so that you too can enjoy these benefits:

  1. You get noticed more. It used to be that I could never stand out in a crowd. Now people point and whisper things like, “look, he’s the same shape as Spongebob.”
  2. Bathroom breaks every hour. More time to scroll through Instagram without feeling guilty while you’re taking a dump.
  3. You’re more grateful of the little things. When you feel like you’re suffocating at night due to the sheer bulk pressing down on your lungs, every breath is precious.
  4. Crocs become cool. Anything is cool if it helps you avoid becoming a sweaty mess while bending over to tie your shoes.
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I’ll finish this post after I go eat meal #17 today.

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