I was breaking down my deadlift bar yesterday, yes, I actually pulled from the floor, and I was talking to Candace.

The conversation went something like this:

  • Me: The Deadlift sucks.
  • Candace: I thought you loved it.
  • Me: I said it sucks and here’s 5 reasons why 

At which point I went into a rant about how it sucks, and she said that’s a good article, so here you go:

5 Reasons Why the I Hate the Deadlift

1. You have to bend all the way over to the floor to load the bar.
As a career fat guy, and now a semi reformed bad hip guy, bending over and loading a bar on the floor is harder than a Max Effort Squat. And gear does not help here.

2. You have to bend all the way over to pick the bar up.
Why does this suck?
See #1.

3. You have to pick the bar up off the floor.
The bar was not bothering anyone just sitting on the floor.
Why do we have to disturb it?

4. You have to lower it under control all the way to the floor.
This refers back to #1, bending.

NOTE: You do not want to be “That Guy” (or girl) who throws the bar on the floor after each rep. Lower it the right way.

5. You have to bend all the way over to break the bar down when you are done.
See #1.

All of this is worse if you are not training yourself, but coaching others and helping with set up/breakdown.
Gawd, it seems like it is 100 times worse when you aren’t warmed up.
And if you lift in gear, forget it. 1000 times worse.

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Seriously, I love the Deadlift.

And I actually pulled and squatted yesterday.

I’ve been having a lot of success with RPR  and my other tools getting my hip working, so I figured I’d try squatting.

Three weeks ago, I did box squats to foam and did a bunch of singles up to 315.
I also used Metal briefs to keep my hip in check.
I was pretty surprised that I had no increase in pain or decrease in mobility afterwards, so….

I squatted again last week and did sets of 3 using the same set up.

15 ½” box + 6’ of foam.
The box height is what I would use training for a meet, and the foam put me about 2” above my comp depth, which was right where I wanted to be; in the pain free zone.

With no negative effects from this training session, yesterday I decided to use the Bandbell bar and the same box set up with the briefs.
3 plates for a few triples.

Soooo, I've been squatting the past few weeks with no ill effects. Seems like this @rpr_system stuff works.... Anyways, here is a triple from today using the @bandbell Earthquake bar. The box is at 15 1/2", which is comp depth for me, plus foam. The foam makes me sit about 2" high, which is fine for now as it keeps me in a pain free range. The foam also forces you to stay TIGHT. I've got a few technique issues to clean up, but after so long from squatting I am pretty fucking psyched with what is happening so far. Small progress is still progress. #tpsmalden #bostonsstrongest #elitefts #teamtps #whiskey #oldguysrule #multiplytilidie #teamtps #teamelitefts #beard #freetshirt #squat @elitefts @underthebar @cardilloweightbelts

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This was a little less volume than the weeks before, and I had a plan:

  • Add the deadlift.
  • I wanted to try pulling and see how it went.
  • I kept the briefs on and did my planned 3 sets.
  • 135 x 1, 225 x 1 x 2.

It went pretty well.
Today, I feel pretty good and the hip is as good as it has been, so it seems like I can keep these in and actually start training for real again.
Let’s hope that I keep it smart and healthy.


The next time you Deadlift, refer back to my 5 Reasons Why the I Hate the Deadlift and see what you think.



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By: C.J. Murphy

May 24, 2018