C.J. Murphy


Murph is the founder and owner of Total Performance Sports. This gym was featured as one of America’s 20 Best Gyms – twice. Murph is also a multiple award-winning trainer and on the Advisory Board for Men’s Fitness magazine and Muscle and Fitness magazine. He has over twenty years experience as a trainer, coach, athlete and certified nutritionist. Murph is a retired Strongman competitor, former National Powerlifting Champion and the Massachusetts State Chairman for North American Strongman. He trained numerous amateur and professional athletes over the years who won state, national and world championship titles in a wide variety of sports.

  • Don’t Major in the Minors

    I see and hear so much owning a gym for as long as I have and a lot of the times I hear people asking questions/doing things that will have little bearing on their success.

    Don’t Major in the Minors
  • Be a Leader, Not a Boss

    I have abandoned my planned topic this week and will be writing in a state of great grief. Today I am going to tell you about how you can learn from someone who taught me a lot. He was a great leader and these lessons will help you to be a better leader, coach, team member and person. I learned last night that a great man passed away at home.

    Be a Leader, Not a Boss
  • This is a Game Changer-Mobility for Lifters

    I am an early adopter when it comes to technology, but not fitness trends. We see all kinds of stuff come up all the time from DVD’s and infomercials to products which are dubious at best. Most of it is crap and some is gold. I never rush to judgement and jump on the bandwagon. This is evident in my programming and choices of equipment at TPS.

    This is a Game Changer-Mobility for Lifters
  • Get Stung

    I had planned a sweet video for you this week instead of writing but my stupid software was missing an MP4 codec so I couldn’t edit the video. I have used this software about 7,998,784 times and it was never missing before.

    Get Stung
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