Last week I told you that I found the mother load of old videos on my PC while looking for a file. I also told you that I’d have one this week. I do! This week I have a Free Seminar Video from 2008.

It is the first one we did in the Big Seminar series, and it features Jim Wendler, Alwyn Cosgrove, Jason Ferrugia and yours truly. I hired a video crew to film this and they did a great job, but!

There’s always a but.

Our cell phone cameras shoot better video and audio than the professional cameras from 20 years ago. So, the Free Seminar Video is a little grainy and the audio is not stellar, but it’s free.

I also did not find 100% of the seminar footage, only about 80 minutes worth.

Even so, the Free Seminar Video is well worth watching.

There is some dated information in here, and some that is simple, basic and timeless.

I suggest that you watch the Free Seminar Video for yourself. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

I have a few more I’ll share over the next coming weeks.

I hope you like them all.

Watch the below.

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CJ murphy table talk

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Vincere vel mori

C.J. Murphy

May 25, 2023  

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