The other day I was going through my PC looking for a file and I hit the motherload of old videos. Which means that you will be getting Hours of FREE New Content Coming Soon!

I’m going to be uploading it to my Vimeo page once Matt gets it edited, then it will go on as well. But, I’ll add it here for you to see too. FREE.

I'm about to blow stuff up

I’m betting you want to know what the Hours of FREE New Content Coming Soon is.

I found hours and hours of old TPS seminars featuring Jim Wendler, Matt Rhodes, Vincent DiZenzo (the guys who make fun of me on Table Talk). And, Dave Tate, Jay Ferrugia, Alwyn Cosgrove and more are in the files I found.

The problem with the Hours of FREE New Content Coming Soon that I found is that it is OLD and was shot on OLD cameras and the audio is terrible. Not to worry, Matt is working his magic on them so we can give them to you.

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I’m hoping to have them ready to go here in my Log over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for the first drop which will be out next week!

Did you see my episode of Table Talk?

CJ murphy table talk

Watch it here

Did you miss last week’s log?

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Vincere vel mori

C.J. Murphy

May 18, 2023   

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