In today’s log I’m going to go over an issue I get fairly frequently and it might be surprising. At TPS, we’ve gotten a lot of people that need to train for the Physical Ability Test (ELPAT) over the past 25 years. So, I had to come up with many ways to train the events. The most concerning one has been Firefighter ELPAT Ladder Event Simulator for many.

I’d say we know a thing or two about getting Firefighters in peak condition. Over the years we've coached a bunch of Firefighters for optimal fitness on the job. And we trained a few regional and National Champions for the Firefighter Combat Challenge.

In my experience the Ladder Event has given people the most amount of nervousness, maybe second to the Search Event.

I personally don’t think the Ladder event is the hardest part of the ELPAT. But it does give a lot of people concern.

One of my clients, Bonnie the Dog Thief is taking the ELPAT in a few weeks and needed work on the ladder event. So we set up the Firefighter ELPAT Ladder Event Simulator today and I decided that since the test is coming up soon, let’s film it and share it.

The video below pretty much  explains how to set it up and how to do it.

Bonnie is shown running through the Firefighter ELPAT Ladder Event Simulator. This is her first run with the event set up as close as we can get it to the real conditions.

Firefighter candidates are allowed 35 seconds to complete the event.

See how she does below.

We used 35 pounds on the Rope because our set up is different than the one that is used in Massachusetts. Also because 35 pounds has been reported to be a little harder than the actual weight. I have yet to find a reference for what the weight is on the test. If you know leave a comment.

I’d say even if you are not  training for the ELPAT, set this event up, maybe substitute a sandbag for the ladder and use it as part of your Conditioning program. It’s an ass kicker if you go balls out.  

If you are training for the ELPAT, I hope our Firefighter ELPAT Simulator helps you.

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C.J. Murphy

January 25, 2024

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