A little while back my good friend Michael De La Pava (MDLP) put a post up on the Instagrams about owning a gym. And it hit me pretty hard. Mike owns the Battle Axe Gym in sunny Florida and has been featured on Table Talk with Dave.

Without burdening you with chatter from me any further, I am including the words from his post below on owning a gym.

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“It's a Privilege to hone your skill not only in real life but in a brick and mortar of your own.. I'm not saying this way is better than yours but there is a certain degree of commitment and passion when you cut your teeth as a coach in the trenches of your own gym.

Owning a gym and coaching in it is an entirely different monster and one that I proudly stand by.. not a lot of us out there anymore and even less of us starting out again but that by no means makes us better it just makes us different.

To all aspiring gym owners and or coaches, I encourage you to start off not only with in-person training but talking to a proper gym owner.. nothing will build your respect more for the gym you work in and your craft than knowing the amount of SACRIFICE it takes to keep those walls up.

To my coaches/gym owners out there doing WHATEVER it takes to keep those doors open for as long as possible ..more often than not the world won't see the vacations you didn't take, the days off you never had and the retirement you wont receive because passion and duty to others came first for you.. so this one's for you.”


Mike said it better than most of us could.

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His words on owning a gym rung true for me and for many others as evidenced by the comments on his post.  As someone who didn’t take the vacations, didn’t cash the paychecks and does everything I can to keep the doors open, I appreciate this post. And the sentiment behind it. I’ve owned TPS for almost 25 years and wouldn’t change one minute of it. Except maybe taking more time off to see my son grow up.

Thanks for writing this piece on owning a gym Mike.

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September 7, 2023 

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